Issues with Dragon Ball HUNT (Friday 6th)

Hello DBO G Community,

We are aware that the Dragon Ball Hunt didn't start, there is a problem in the schedule and it will start at 4:00 am CEST. The issue will be solved in the next server maintenance.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


DBO G Staff

  • ok

  • reinstall the game and try to start

    • hey because the names of the monsters are in ??? for me

  • why always disconnect after entering game, lasts at most 10 minutes, aghhhhhhhhhhhh

  • why serve in maintenance??

  • Mobs of what and where at?

  • Hello??


  • can someone help me! I have a scouter that can spot dragon balls. (korin villiage red scouter) but no matter where I go I cant find any mobs with dragon balls. and the event is going on right now and I cant spot anything. HELP! I want that ssj! lol

    • Hello,

      You have to kill mobs of your level or between 5 levels of difference than you, when the mob respawn will have 20% chance of respawning with ball (you'll see it on the map). And then 5% chances to drop the ball.


  • Hello thanks for the help xD

  • hello. First thanks for your great job. I like to know today saturday when is the event dragon ball hunt. What time. Thank you very much

    • here you go, on the day there is a countdown by the hour :D also it says the event by each day.

    • thanks you :)

  • Can we please get an updated schedule for the DB hunts from Sunday to Saturday as I'm extremely confused on the countdown event page as the times there don't seem to align with the actual hunt times ... especially Friday hunt as its at 12am CEST but that means then its on Thursday at 6pm for us EST time zone. .... or am I looking at that wrong?

    The countdown even said friday was 6 days away meaning it already happened but now you are saying there was supposed to be one today? .... im so confused can we please can an updated list on the events to make it clear.

  • Dragon ball Hunt?¿?¿ :')

  • ...

  • Can someone help me with my account?

    When I created my account, I wanted to sign up and it says,

    that my account don´t exist and when I wanted to log in in the DBO launcher,

    it says that my password is incorrect.

    If someone can help me, than pls report it to me

  • So have the DB hunt times change again? I recall Thursdays we would have no hunts but today (this thurday/early friday) we had a hunt? Was this a 1 time thing to make up for the other days that didn't happen? Will friday hunt still be happening?

    Thank you again for the additional hunting days, this means the world to me as I can finally hunt as saturdays are not an option for me to play this game.

  • 4 hours 809 balls, with the other system was 1200 balls (in prebeta, first DB Hunt event on open beta was a shit too with no more of 600 balls droped..)

  • i say it before and i say it again, the other system were better and funny, this is so much borring :/

  • two hours farming and nothing dragon balls -.-

  • Can someone explain to me the time and day for dragon ball hunt? Please and thank you ;D

  • Congratulations, forever, dedicate yourself to solve the problems !!! You guys are cool !!!

  • when!! will start this!!??T_T

  • 4h :D

  • 3:00 AM CEST is now right?

    • yeah but it dosent start stil!! T_T

  • its time and the event dosent start still!!

  • eso quiere decir que el evento empezara HOY una hora antes de la hora que corresponde a su final?