[EVENT] Honey Bee Event

Hello Dragon Ball Online Global Community,

A new EVENT has started! Honey Bee Event is currently available.


How the event works

  • After killing a level 1-29 Monster, there is 5% chance that a Small Machine Bee spawns.

  • After killing a level 30-49 Monster, there is 5% chance that a Machine Bee spawns.

  • After killing a level 50+ Monster, there is 5% chance that a Blood Machine Bee spawns.

The Bee Robots will drop a honey, there are 3 types.

  • Small Machine Bee [LVL 1-29] will drop a Small Honey Block (EXCELLENT).

  • Machine Bee [LVL 30-49] will drop a Honey Block (RARE).

  • Blood Machine Bee [LVL 50+] will drop a Huge Honey Block (LEGENDARY).

Where do I redeem the reward?

  • You can redeem your reward at the Event Manager NPC.

Reward List

JHOZxPf.pngPPfaaqK.png%20alt=kaAaJ3H.png     P6AMI3I.png

Event Schedule

There is no defined schedule, we will notify by discord / forum when the event is running.


DBO G Staff

  • Tengo una duda, por ejemplo en donde matas mobs de lvl 30 - 49 , si matas mobs de lvl 49 en vez de 30, el drop aumenta o es el mismo??? @Hardlok

  • really only sunday?? Xdxdxddxd

    • Hello,

      "Remember that this schedule is not definitive, soon we will notify when the next event will be".

      Not always will be on Sundays and the same schedule.


  • zZzZZZzzZzzzzZZZz

  • Where is the event schedule? I never saw a notification by discord or forum when event is running...

  • Daneos, the escort quests are bugged, every time the NPC receives damage he returns all the way he had done before, when the quest does not fail (NPC life does not clear, just receive a simple damage)

  • Daneos, as quests de escolta estão com bug, toda vez que o NPC recebe dano ele volta o caminho todo que havia feito antes, quando a quest não falha (a vida do NPC não zera, é só receber um simples dano)

  • my game dont conect after maintence...

  • guys i have a problem the patch that dropped yesterday doesn't want to open and i can't play the gam can someone help me

  • Should Be eliminated the tickets+15 lol, change it for brown box or dogiballs (250 or 400 honeys)

  • GG boys

  • event boring!!