Recommended Server Maintenance

The server maintenance finished and the servers are now online.


we're going to have a server maintenance.

Start: 14-Jun-2018 8PM CEST

Duration: 60 Minutes.

The server will be offline during the server maintenance.

Patch Notes:

Patch Notes - June 14th 2018

Kind Regards,

DBOG Staff

  • hi u do u like me

  • Hello, I have a problem. When I start my launcher I can't click Start at all. So I can't play it anymore. pls do something thx

  • Hello ,

    Since yesterday's maintenance, the launcher no longer reads the French version in games.

  • a mi tampoco me deja entrar cuanto mas ay que esperar?

  • Code
    1. It helps whenever I enter the launcher, it tells me that it is not finished updating the patch, they can help me and tried several methods, besides the maintenance I finish thanks
  • no me deja entrar sigue el mantenimiento aun o que ?? :(

    • A nadie creo que deja entrar

    • pero porque acaso sigue el mantenimiento ?? :(

    • un problema amigos apenas quiero jugar y ya ni puedo entrar q pasa quiero ensayar en juego y no me deja entrar sera q esta petado o ke :B

  • me deja entrar no actualiza nada

  • 1.1.que pasa no se puede iniciar el juego el launcher no se actualiza
    alguna solución

  • 1.hay gente online? por que ami no se me actualisa

  • 1.1.por que no se puede iniciar

  • 1 ya paso una hora....

  • can anyone login?

  • ya deveria estar abierto :/

  • Daneos repair resistance of ultimate majin please...

  • I hope that soon they will have a second transformation for every race. For example SSJ2 or 3 for Humans, or maybe even Majins absorbing others. Not sure for Namekians.

  • Daneos take a look at a poko class please

  • I hope after today's maintenance I do have my aura, thank u admin

    • Alguien se ha conectado?