DBOGLauncher won't update

Hello DBO G Community,

Recently many people are experiencing a issue while trying to run the DBOGLauncher.

To solve this issue follow these steps.

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Click on Network and Internet.

3. Click on Network and Sharing Center.

4. On the left pane, click on Change adapter settings.


5. Right-click the network interface connected to the internet, and select Properties.


6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list.

7. Click the Properties button.


8. Click the Use the following DNS server addresses option.

9. Type the same data from this screenshot.


10. Click OK and run the DBOGLauncher.

Source: https://www.windowscentral.com…s-dns-settings-windows-10


DBO G Staff

  • On doit télécharger le launcher qui est en 1.69 puis faire la manipulation c'est ça?

  • not working id all the steps.

  • people, I did all the steps, disable antivirus, put the folder on the desktop, and try with what you put now, but I have nothing installed in pv4 therefore does not let me change the numbers, but I do not think that is the solution or if? change all the configuration of the net to see if it is solved. find the solution on the other hand please. Thank you

  • como se debe de escribir lo del final? digo yo lo pusea mi modo y no funciona sale red no valida, deberian de poner directamente solo para copiar y pegar

    • Hola,

      Porfavor ponte en contacto con nosotros a través del ticket de soporte para poder ayudarte, mandanos también una captura de pantalla de el problema. https://forum.dboglobal.to/ticketsystem/


    • hola hardlock bueno ya he intentado lo que dijiste en el video del lanzamiento oficial a un user de activar las caracteristicas de framework y esto de la configuracion del adaptador y el launcher no va igual :(

  • Não aconteceu nada, continua a mesma coisa, abro o launcher e simplesmente não abre :/

  • it doesn'y work

  • How long does it usually take for it to update?

  • the launcher has updated, but now the game does not go to the login part, it has a white window and it has locked

    • Hello, check if you're running the DBOG.exe in compatibility mode, if so remove it. If it still doesn't work move your game folder onto your desktop.


    • game folder into your desktop??? =_= game folder shortcut you mean i think...?

  • worked !!!!!