Server Weekly Maintenance

The server maintenance finished and the servers are now online.


we're going to have a server maintenance.

Start: 9-August-2018 11PM CEST

Duration: 60 Minutes.

The server will be offline during the server maintenance.

Patch Notes:

-- Patch Notes - August 9th 2018

Kind Regards,

DBOG Staff

  • Hello Daneos, I need help.

  • Notes??


  • daneos pls make lvlup item to all those leve

  • uhhhhhh so sick of these maintenance beaks

  • what are the chances for 70 cap? Or is it still too soon? xD

    I personally don't mind staying at 60 cap for one more month tbh but most of the ppl here wanna reach end game fast to be bored again xD

    • lvl 70 december

    • Yea i read those news with new client in winter etc. But mabye Daneos had a change of heart cuz ppl seem to be bored xD

    • Of course they'll be bored, quests offer dopamine for 'em. Even if we love getting stones, no one likes farming for hours with an empty head. For me farm comes down to pressing tab, f5 and f6.

      I'm not talking about putting random math in middle of farm or whatever, but any more dynamic additions would be awesome

    • 4 more months of 60 cap? i think i'd rather cut my toes off

    • ^

      Can i have them? Could try to sell them in South Africa....

      Also if you all are so bored, just send me all your zeni and items and start over. I'll keep that stuff safe for you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • maintaince at solo budokai, why?