Recommended Cap 55 Preparation Patch!

Hey Everyone,

The cap 55 prep patch is here! Nothing mind blowing, just a few new updates, bug fixes, and tweaks. Patch notes can be found below! Also, be sure to submit a ticket at to receive your legacy founder rewards! There's a new ticket category for that. Additionally, there are still a few players who haven't submitted a ticket to receive their new founder rewards! If you're seeing this, please go submit a ticket so I can send your rewards to you! I need to know the account you used to donate for the rewards, and the character you'd like me to send the rewards to. Thank you so much for your support, and thanks for playing everyone!

Patch Notes:

[EN] Patch Notes - 2021-01-04 - Cap 55 Preparation/Anti-Speedhack Tweaks/Free Shared Storage/Legacy Founder Rewards!

[ES] Notas del parche - 2021-01-04 - Preparación del Cap 55 / Ajustes anti-Speedhack / Almacenamiento compartido gratuito / ¡Recompensas para fundadores heredados!

[PT] Patch Notes - 2021-01-04 - Cap 55 Preparação / Anti-Speedhack Tweaks / Armazenamento compartilhado gratuito / Legacy Founder Rewards!

[FR] Notes de mise à jour - 2021-01-04 - Préparation du Cap 55 / Ajustements anti-Speedhack / Stockage partagé gratuit / Récompenses du fondateur hérité!

[IT] Note sulla patch - 04/01/2021 - Preparazione al limite 55 / Modifiche anti-Speedhack / Archiviazione condivisa gratuita / Ricompense fondatori legacy!


To the guest who reported this and needs help logging in/making an account, please send me a ticket at, or add me on discord at Verdant#4492! I can help.