Recommended Server Opening


We are happy to announce that the official open beta will begin at 22:30 o'clock (10:30PM) CET

There will be server lag and people smashing the wagu machine. But after a few hours/days everything should calm down.

There are also crashes/freezes to be expected but we will fix them asap.

About the founder rewards:

After next Thursday maintenance, every founder will be able to take the reward at the "Event Manager" NPC.

Hope you enjoy the open beta.

* Updates

- Create guild price set to 200.000(200k) Zeni.

* Fixes

- Play Dead buff did not get removed.

- <BUDOKAI> Players unable to fight after getting revived.

- <BUDOKAI> "Couldn't find target." when accepting the teleport request.

- Tutorial quest "Time Invader?" issue.

- All namekian main weapons are no longer invisible.

- Many translation issues have been fixed.

- New DBOG Game Client

Kind regards,