[Lightning Event] Christmas Collection Spree

Hello DBO G Community,

To keep the Christmas spirit alive i will be hosting an express event. I'm going to hand out several gifts all around the world of Dragon Ball Online and you will have to find them! The event will begin today at 11pm GMT+1 on Channel 3.

NOTE: Only available in the Normal World (Yahoi West, Korin Forest, Yahoi East, Westland, Mushroom Rocks North / South, Fran Fran Desert North, Porunga Rocks North / South & Papaya Island)

The event will end when everyone has found all the gifts, since I can't know when, I won't be able to let you know when it's over.

Good Luck!


  • disculpe me podría ayudar me quede atrapado unas cajas no puedo salir por favor


  • EnEneste evento no valio nada no coji nada

  • EnEnevento no valio nada no coji nada vaya mierda de evento

  • same here, zero, 2 hours wasted

  • searched for 1.30h and found 0 yay!

  • If It is in all world will be amazing and a nice event.

    • I've added the maps in the thread in case there are doubts.

    • I take 27 hats bind and 1 dogi xD For future is better idea ramdom items and not only spawm the same in some areas. Ty for the event.

  • several disconnections again






  • really, best idea.

  • Really nice idea!! I hope this will be repeated for new year and other celebrations!