Clarification's about the server reset

Hello everyone,

I've seen so many question's comming from a few people such as "Is this the last server reset or there will be more server wipes? You told us last year that we will keep our progress?"

To answer your question "Yes" this will be the last ever server reset and it wasn't our decision nor our idea to come up with such thing and frankly it didn't even come to our mind to do a server reset, I myself and the project leader and a few of the staff members were against it everytime someone bring that subject to discussion until the community started to react everywhere and how they badly want a server wipe alongside with a new client with a better performance and security (Not fully secured but at least better than the current we're using), that is why we fullfiled that wish and let you have a say on it.

If the number's of the "No's" were 20% closer to "Yes's" (The votes from real accounts of course) the wipe request would have been denied.

As a summary, It was the community's decision not ours.

And here I add a second confirmation "There won't be any more reset after this one no matter what happen and I'm pretty sure those who voted for the server to be wiped won't vote for it again"

  • Well i mean you promised the last wipe would be the "last ever wipe". And now this one is the next "last ever wipe". How many last ever wipes will there be?

  • The voting should have done with these options

    1.- No Wipe, add lvl 70, solve problems without interrupting the progress of the game, work on possible security errors, take in the game forward.

    2.- Wipe, send all the garbage, start working on a new server because we have nothing done, we promise things so they do not realize that it is a hoax, hopefully in 1 year the new server will come out and people will forget of the game for study situations, work, and family, goodbye DBO Global

  • dejando todos los comentarios a un lado , cuando sera el nuevo lanzamiento

  • After the wipe will i get back my Cash Points? (Asking For A Friend)

  • pienso que fue un error anunciar todo esto del wipe y las votaciones tan pronto porque daneos tenia el server nuevo en 0% debio hacer esto cuando lo tuviera casi listo, así se hubiera seguido jugando en el server común hasta hoy normalmente y ahora seguiran los tester buscando bugs y demases tomara mucho hasta que hagan el wipe y la gente vuelva a jugar normalmente :v

  • una pregunta cuando se reinicia el juego? Como borran todo jugar ahora no tiene sentido

  • you-screwed-me-and-asking-to-screw-me-over-again.jpg


  • I won't be playing DBOG as part of the community you just abandoned. Maybe I'll come in a year or more to see if dbog wiped only 4 times instead of 5. Like if I was going to lose my time again in that crappy insecure game.

    I'm happy with my new addiction to Dead Frontier, Osu, Combat Arms as well as Pseudolonewolf's games anyway. Those never wipes, as well as 99% of online games where the developers has a brain, with empathy.

    • Random shit person below me:


  • i think there should be 2 servers, v1 and v2. 100% v1 will have 0 players and all cringy kids who cry hard will play v2... everyone who bored of virgins tears comment under this post for 2 separate servers and no wipe :DDDDD just to prove that all teared kids will play v2 instead... (v2 hould have fresh start and v1 should keep at it is)

  • Your guarantee is not worth the money

    I can promise

    Will wipe again

    By the will of the people to achieve your goal

    Shirk responsibility

    Go to hell, you guys

    After wiping, I will do my best to destroy DBOG

    • why you so dumb to not understand this simple thing, cheaters exploited this game, ppl have +15 lvl70 items where noone should have these items, we need fair game, this is not dbo but dbo v2, its another game. if you are child, continue crying, or embrace and enjoy new fres fair play and bans for cheaters.... you are child so your word worth nothing.

    • Print all of them and send me @arwe, u talks like if 90% cheated. I played for months and only saw one "suspicious" guy.

  • there cant handle game but this peace of shit

    good way to play gta samp there are custom server but those samp admin refund status and help u

  • If you just want to eliminate hackers, why don't you learn from the former league of legends, the League of legends in the S2 period once a large number of players cheated, they erased it? No, they just banned these players.

    • can i ask you how super small group of developers should find everyone who is cheating? LOL dev have milions of $ in budget and thousands of developes and bussines practice.... we as community decide to have a wipe, only cheaters and childrens voted for no. blame us for wipe not dbo team.... they give you opurtunity to play this game for free, say thank you.

    • "I'm so adult for choosing that for dbog's future <3"

  • What happened happened. It can't be taken back and I can take the result from the vote because that's the beauty of democracy anyway. However, I wish you hadn't posted this 'clarification' because it is NOT at all.

  • What do you call it, a fair vote? this was totally planned and they did everything possible to win the wipe.

    This is not a fair vote!! That's not thinking about the whole community, That is disappoint a large part of the community.

    1.- We Voted only for promises, we have not even had the opportunity to try the new client, it is possible that people who vote yes, regret about it, and on the opposite side it is also possible, however that makes the Voting is not clear, but influencing the cleanliness given to the amount of promises

    2.- Return to page 1 of the vote, Hardlock has only reported on the possible promises of cleanup, however this is not so for noreset, since many improvements and projects beyond level 70, are possible on the server without resetting . this is clearly an influence given that we are voting and people are not fully informed to vote for the 2 options

    3.- The moderators (Hardlock and Beka), and the only ones who have commented on this vote, have only considered answering the questions to the people who voted wipe. We who want noreset, since the first day of this vote we have been waiting for your answers to our comments. being that the voting is about to end. this is obviously an influence, and it is quite disappointing

    4.- The administrators have counted the votes during the entire voting process, and informed them by discord. a vote as important as this always the votes have to be counted after this is finished. and if you do not believe me because you do not count before time in a presidential chain for example, because it is an influence for the option that is gaining at that moment

    5.-Not respect the first duration of voting agreed, many users who voted wipe, complained about the time that 15 days is a lot, even Beka answered that it had to give that time, however the time was shortened by half !, 7 days because ?? because players who voted, yes, you give the reason to them ?? The users that vote NoReset are many, and unfortunately the possibility of informing about this vote is much less than for those who vote, yes, and if you do not believe me, the more time passes, the more votes we will have who we say NoReset, and this can be check with a graphic, The NoWipe aims to win, 15 days was the right time for all and have shortened because users who vote, yes, have complained, I'm tired of these administrators..

    6.-Administrator Beka has finished the voting and has informed her in the comments of the vote, being that, It should end on Monday at 6:29 p.m., the day on which this voting began 1 week ago, today is the 6th day of the voting process. this is another influence on voting by administrators

    • keep crying

    • i smell virgin tears....

      "this was totally planned" who is your source? i voted for wipe and even before vote pool, i suggested a wipe, just like allot of other players who got bored of cheaters and want new fresh start. IF YOU HAVE NO SOURCE IT MEANS YOU ARE LIEING AND MAKING STUF OUT

      "it is possible that people who vote yes, regret about it" so far i do not regret and cant wait until fresh start, did not seen anyone who say "i regret".

      "5" - i noticed one thing, if dbo team do what ppl ask, ppl unsatisfied, if they dont do what ppl wnat, they unsatisfied.... you know what cringy kids like you can do, you can make your own dragon ball game :D then you will be able to do what you think is the best, and stop blaming dbo team for hard work they put so you kids could play this game for FREE

    • Hard work: Wiping.

    • unlike you, I have seen many players repented, disappointed by the number of errors and the time of repair of the new server, and that they will vote noreset, since that time they can use it much better to add content without resetting

  • Making a server wipe is up to Admin's decision, not players.

    what's next? attack speed getting removed because some people were asking for it?

  • You said the same thing before. I can't believe you anymore! And I don't think this vote can represent all players. Most players don't have a forum account, so their votes are scrapped. This vote is not true. More players will quit the game!

    I am also a registered forum account, so my ticket is invalid, I am very unwilling, not only me, but also many other players and I am in the same mood, I do not believe that we can not add up to 20% difference with yes.

  • LOL, what a joke!

    If you really were so much against wipe, why didn't you take the vote too?

    If you were adamant in your views, you wouldn't let the "community" pressure you into anything. But you were lax and broke easily under pressure within less than one year.

    So no, I for one cannot trust that there won't be any more wipes and cannot take your words for granted...

    • "But you were lax and broke easily under pressure within less than one year." pressure, are you joking? we ask for a vipe, they was so nice they give it to us.... they was so nice they allow you to play this game for free, could you please pay for server and not ask for any coins or ingame currency?

    • Your fanboism is astounding and commendable!

      Since you mentioned it and they are so nice, I actually did invest some of my money which I would now like to get back, since I have no more use of the cash points...

  • I'm really upset to come back to the server after a few months off the game, only to find my character is going to be deleted anyway. I'm a busy person and don't have the time to waste with all of this, maybe I'll be back in another few months after the "last reset ever guys, we promise"

  • lol this servers is gonna be more insecure than open beta client cause is filled of bugs everywhere how much time is gonna happen for someone find a bug can be exploited like duplication of items or something if not exist already one and the staff must to wipe again. Lets say if daneos realese the new client with "all bugs fixed" is gonna take a lot of time of players reporting those bugs in the forum so i see the new client and the wipe so far :v

    • Duplicate bug/security has nothing to do with the client. It's fully server-side.

      While working on the client, I verify most of the code server-side to make sure everything is fully working and not outdated code.

  • Are you saying that the restart is not necessary? Only doing it because the community did it? Excuse me, but the administrators throughout the voting process, have said that it is necessary to make a restart to make all the improvements ... and only until the end of the vote, now they say that it is not necessary?

    • Told you and everyone: "alternatives".

  • -

  • ¿Cuando estará disponible el juego para toda la comunidad?

  • vamos logo para reset que eu quero jogar logo 2.0 porh

  • Sorry but it's really stupid to give out a promise on not to wipe ever again lmao. Sure, wiping sucks but this time it's needed. And no one knows how things will be like next year, or 2 years later. You telling me no matter what some ppl will pull off to dmg the game, no more wipes? Even if it legit kills the game to the point where many ppl quit? Still not gonna solve the issues, you can't fix with updates, by wiping? That's just plain dumb tbh.

    For that to work, you, the entire Staff will have to actively watch over the game then. And from what i've seen so far, i can't trust on that lol

  • if my char isn't 30lvl+ i'll just gain nothing from this wipe??

    srry 'bout my bad english :D

    • You can reach level 30 in six hours.

  • Then you, the Staff Team, took the worst decision listening to them

    the total of legit votes in the wipe poll doesn't even represent the 50% of the total players population

    and the ones who were whining for a wipe are just minority of obsessed guys who think this game is as important as their lifes. (you can see the same people posting in the forums every single day, sucking their d***s to each other)

    and disparaging the rest of the players because they are not as "pro" as they are.

    Is so hard for you to think things better? like a middle point wipe? like just reverting all the upgraded items back to 0 and deleting lvl 70 items?

    Making the poll in the forums was also a mistake.

    they were a lot of legit players who didn't had an forum account before the poll announcement, so their vote was ignored as nothing

    you should had announced a wipe at least 6 months ago, not 1 week before the new client test

    Daneos said 1 year ago "there won't be any wipe". And now you are saying the exact same thing.

    Why should we believe in you again?

    • As you once so eloquently put it:

      "Keep crying boi"

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      1. Do not pay attention to the otaku below
    • You said the same thing before. I can't believe you anymore! And I don't think this vote can represent all players. Most players don't have a forum account, so their votes are scrapped. This vote is not true. More players will quit the game!

    • I am also a registered forum account, so my ticket is invalid, I am very unwilling, not only me, but also many other players and I am in the same mood, I do not believe that we can not add up to 20% difference with yes.

    • Some people do not even know there is a forum XD

      There were also people using old accounts to vote on a larger scale