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  • Hello jollyacer1,

    I've seen you are quite active in the forum lately and I'm glad (wish more people used it). However, remember that for small questions you can also use our discord server chat

    or even message anyone from the staff team

    You'll most likely get faster/more accurate replies. Also you'll find some of the answers to your questions if you use the search function, so as to avoid a multiplication of threads around the same topic.


  • Hi jollyacer,

    If you want to link your youtube channel I would suggest to put it in your signature of your posts, instead of including it in your actual posts. I'm suggesting you to do this because each time you link your youtube channel and write "Subscribe me on youtube for to see dragon ball what ifs, gameplays and theories and super episode preview predictions!" at the end of each post you make counts as off topic posting. If you include this in your signature this will not count as off topic posts.