Build for fighter equip armor weapon etc

    • This is a good Fighter build , since you're gonna need it to level up as you said , you'll be needing Big Bang Attack for grinding :

    Fighter Build

    • As for the Equipment , Dodge Rate is kinda weird to say the least , so you won't be looking for much Dex , You can go Const-Const-Const or Const-Const-Dex .
    • Stick : Increasing Physical Critical Damage by % .
    • Gloves : Increasing Physical Critical Hit Rate by or you can just go with Increasing Physical Critical Damage by % just like the Stick .
    • Earrings : Props mostly , or Cooldown Reduction , when Dodge Rate gets a lot better , you might be looking for Dexterity instead . Or you can aim for Anti Bleed , Anti Candy , Etc..
    • Rings : You can go with CC Rings ( 8 Constitution - 11% Reflecting Damage ) in order to get the 8 Props , or Anti Debuffs like the earrings.
    • Necklace : You can use the Classic Level 61 Necklace (Physical Critical Hit rate 5 and Status Success Rate 60) But since Success Rate ain't working very well , and Physical Critical hit rate is kinda useless when you're facing someone with Anti Crit especially if it's a SK , you'll be needing other Effects , such as Decreasing the Bleed Duration .

    That's about it , Hopefully when Dodge Rate gets better , and with Anti Crit getting nurfed or fixed , Fighter will rely more on Dexterity just like the old days in the TW version . Hope this helped you :)

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