Upgrading success rate

  • This is based on nothing but my own personal theory and the countless number of upgrades I have attempted.

    1) I believe first of all that the card you pick is completely irrelevant.

    Upon choosing a card and receiving broken or failed, I have never once in my time on global or taiwan seen the success card revealed to be the Right card, However I have received many successes upon picking the right card.

    2) I believe the % chance of success is related to the current upgrade that your item has on it.

    I ALWAYS get success when upgrading from +4 on armor (Always pick middle card, not that I believe it matters), I usually get Success on +5 and so on. The higher I get the more likely I believe I am to fail or break.

    I hardly ever Get break on anything below +7. It has happened, but it is very rare and I tend to get fails.

    I have broken or failed on 5 x +11 poles, 1 x +12, 5 x +10 crafted boots and2 x +11 in DBOG, not to mention many others. In Taiwan I broke everything, including 3 x +13 lvl 70 poles.

    For whatever reason I seem to think the upgrading here on global has a higher success chance, As I always seemed to break my gear on Taiwan, and it would cost me absolute fortunes just to get to +10 armor.

    3) Side topic, but I have never once in many, many attempts gone from +3 to +6 (armor) or +5 to +8 (weapons) using token stones in DBOG, and I do mean not 1 single time. However I have done it many times on stones I have dropped or purchased. Is there something wrong with token stones?

    As for % chances as per your original question, I don't know and I doubt anybody knows with the exception of the creaters and maybe DBOG staff. I suspect it is based on an extensive RNG system in which there is millions of possible seeds based on current upgrade level and time and date of attempted upgrade. (No RNG system is actually completely random, it is based on a series of possible outcome that could be in the billions)

  • It s a fact that the upgrading system needs a serious update,

    Edited once, last by Fabian Corbeel: I can t get past level 8, luck has nothing to do with it. When you buy something like an upgrade, you should get your upgrade. you can come to my shop and buy a phone, you pay, i present 3 cards. if you lose no phone no money, is that fair? think not. i see a lot of caracters with +15 on all items. changing items and a bit later they have +15 too. how s that possible without cheating? answer me that. ().

  • Not really, without non-cashers game would most surely die, as cashers would quickly find themselves alone and no one to play with; but you also have to think this way: if you cut money influx on one side, it has to come from someplace else... Since this game is not P2P and you already have unrestricted access to everything, cutting down money supply is just a no-go. You have to keep balance and put yourself in situation of those who are running the show. If you prefer to be a non-casher, that's absolutely fine, but then getting a cool dogi or upgrade stones will just take that much more of your time as you will have to keep on grinding or find other ways of obtaining Zeni for them. Make reset books free, everything available for tokens at 10% of it's current cost so you can farm 10 purples for couple of hours of being afk or what? Also, do you think game would be half as interesting to play if you had everything served on a silver platter? No, you'd get bored by it the minute you had everything and nothing to strive to.

    A question for you - why don't you propose a solution instead of asking for a better system from devs? How would you handle the upgrade system?

  • [WEAPON]

    Grade 0->6: 100%

    Grade 6->7: 30%

    Grade 7->8: 25%

    Grade 8->9: 20%

    Grade 9->10: 15%

    Grade 10->11: 10%

    Grade 11->13: 5%

    Grade 13->14: 4%

    Grade 14->15: 2.5%


    Grade 0->4: 100%

    Grade 4->6: 60%

    Grade 6->8: 40%

    Grade 8->9: 30%

    Grade 9->10: 20%

    Grade 10->11: 10%

    Grade 11->13: 5%

    Grade 13->14: 4%

    Grade 14->15: 3%

    The many people who spam several +15's per upgrading run, well I don't know what to say anymore they must "deify" the odds. The system should have been identical to retail or I'd give it you don't destroy your gear\weapon on broken without a white stone but its too far gone at this point.