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    in taiwan with fighter full dex and dodge pot 4-5k dodge rate, karma full focus jacket pants boots gloves success rate took me always and rip xD

    Well dodge pots don't provide dex which gives resistance, it just provides dodge rate, plus they where nerfed at some point in 70 cap.

    But yes Success is broken in comparison to resistance.

    Focus gives double the numerical value of Dex. Ie you get 10 hit rate from 1 focus amongst other things and only 5 dodge rate from 1 Dex.

    Success rate can have double the numerical value of resistance rate on an item. Because of this and also because of the 10 hit rate to 5 dodge rate thing, I will also assume that focus provides twice the value of success rate that Dex provides for resistance. This is a sensible assumption.

    I obviously don't know the hidden formulas behind all the calculations and stuff, but this is probably why success is so damn over powered.

    if a pvp karma have a succes rate set this would suprise mee since have 46 focus buff and he can use a focus pant or somthing instead of the neckale

    On what planet would a karma majin not use a success rate necklace?

    All of his annoying skills are success based.

    Yes Focus gives success rate, but you don't buff yourself until after you have someone in your combo. Plus, you maximise success rate as this is the single biggest thing that makes the class work.

    i think the game balance should start at lvl 70 cap we won't balance the game for every single time , karmas would konckdown u as much as possible then stun ...ect if u have enough resistance rate u maybe can deal with karma who don't have succes rate or focus !

    I do agree that its not worth putting insane effort into this cap, but it doesnt mean no effort should be made.

    Regardless, success is overpowered no matter what cap your in.

    problem with pvp players is that xD , you guys wanna won the budokai with 1 set of items , u need e.deff / m.deff set many jewls and many dogis for stats another karma nerf and it will bee same as grand and dw

    This isnt a case of needing an E Def set...... Not even remotely that. Any PVPer should have one of them, it doesnt even need raising.

    Your defense is irrelevant, they will beat you by time out if they cant kill you. and all they need to do is hit you in the last 10 seconds.

    Its a case of success being over powered, and as a result every one of a decent karmas skills lands, making it impossible to fight back.

    But on the subject of gear, my resistance is pretty much as high as it can be right now, minus the dogi stat, and I'm not resisting a single skill. Does that sound like having the right gear is useful? Ok its not max thanks to me using a lp% dogi, but you not think that resistance passive and a resistance neck, + resistance buff if you ever get the chance to use it should be enough to get at least a couple of resists in a fight?

    Do you even think when i talk to you?
    I'm telling you that game is prepared for lvl 70 and you telling me about balance on lvl 55cap, no one focus on this cap for real because they know that this cap does not worth it and you want make balance on lvl 55.

    So the game is prepared for 70 cap which everybody knows is broken ayway, so we can't do anything in 55 cap?

    The way you are talking almost sounds like you agree Karma's are broken.

    Also respond to my reflect comment please, seeing as its the main tactic you came up with for beating one:

    Don't you understand, if you use reflect they wont even hit you until the last 10 seconds of the round, they will just keep you combo locked?

    1. Is 60% LP regen enough? 39% without Buff?

    2. What?

    3. No equipment can work when you cant do anything the entire fight apart from an odd auto attack.

    Don't you understand, if you use reflect they wont even hit you until the last 10 seconds of the round, they will just keep you combo locked?

    4. OK

    5. Of course you don't

    6. You think beating superb players 3-0 and 2-0 is balanced?

    7. ok

    8. I have attack speed weapons. Besides, its not the point, the point is you get locked into a combo, and you cant get out of it, bar a couple of auto attacks.

    9. Your right, I can't beat a good karma, that's the whole purpose of this topic, and I don't know many who can.

    Karma can die just by fakin reflect i have no idea how you play ultimate if you cant deal with karma, with right equip you dont even need fight karma.
    Next is fighter you said? make speed set and crit set, use speed when he will lock you and go crit when you will stun him.
    Karma is most weak class in pvp, all what you need is gear, stop cry.

    1. I have tried reflect.

    2. You think 30% ish reflect is going to kill them when you are stun locked, confused or skill locked the entire fight?

    3. My equipment is OP.

    4. Iv beaten many a karma on Taiwan.

    5. Please show me a video of you dealing with a good karma.

    6. Also explain to me how a karma won budokai without getting touched?

    7. You have just shown everybody on this forum your lack of knowledge and extreme naivety by calling Karma the weakest class in PVP.

    8. Who on a fighter doesn't use speed when they are skill locked?

    9. You are the least constructive and toxic person I have ever had the misfortune to deal with.

    So they are somewhat of a joke. Success rate seems to be disgustingly overpowered, and they have a basically infinite combo.

    They also have easy access to RP, allowing them to RP duration everything.

    The tele stun can at least be used against em in budokai, but in ranked its a problem.

    Even my ulti doesn't resist them, and thats with the resistance passive and a necklace. I usually can't get the buff up cause its almost impossible with my ping.

    On a rare occasion when I did get my candy beam off, and managed to buff up, I still didn't resist a single thing after that even with the resistance buff on top of the passive and a 100 resist necklace.

    My fighter also doesn't get to do anything against them.

    They where disgusting 1v1 in Taiwan, but I don't remember the success rate being so overpowered.

    Oh, did I mention skill lock?

    Your going to continue exploiting your supporters then.



    He did mean the movement speed of Pure Majin. Sucks ass. Genocide Blast is dope but the aoe range is not too great.

    And yea, i would also suggest a Plasma for pure PvE farming. Karma is more PvP and end game dungeons cuz of their speed buff. You could use speed to farm by doing 1on1 against mobs. But farming with Plasma is more comfortable compared to 1on1 using speed.

    All fair points.

    But OP is not asking for a grind only character, he has said he would like to do UD's and TMQ's etc.

    Now if you only intend to do UD's and TMQ's then plasma is fine, but if you intend to do CC, and end game cell, kraken, bacterian at lvl 70 then plasma is going to be a barrier to doing that.

    For grind i would use plasma i also had one plasma for grind, karma have long cast aoe skills and kid buu is so fakin slow.

    5/5 genocide blast, which admittedly isn't available in this cap is not slow.

    If you are referring to the movement speed, then yeah your absolutely right.

    Either way, if your a decent karma, people are going to want to play with you. If you are a plasma, you will struggle for parties.

    karma 100%.

    Seen as pretty much mandatory in PVE by the speed stacking community.

    Massively better in PVP.

    Grinding is stupidly easy no matter what class your on, but grinding with kid buu genocide blast is a joy.

    While I agree with with the point you are trying to make, this game is designed for the purpose of making people cash. Thats what this game is, and it was established way before the emulation of the game. The entire infrastructure of this game is designed to encourage people who want an edge to cash.

    Armour is dropped with random values as opposed to fixed values deliberately, the brown box and upgrade gambling system was put into the game intentionally to support and encourage the free to play with the option to cash model.

    Why else would the tier 2 dragon balls tease you with level 60 legendary earrings and necklaces that have garbage stats, or the tier 3 scramble dragon balls do the same with with lvl 70 versions. It is encouraging you to part with your money and buy boxes. Thats what this entire game is designed to do because it is a free to play model and you have to encourage people to buy optional items in order for the model to work.

    Its a free to play model, its designed to tease you, and encourage you to part with money on desirable items. (I am talking about the game in general not the private server)

    While I agree that balance is always good. This game was never designed to be balanced, it was designed to allow cashers to gain an advantage which supports the f2p model (It allows all non cashers to play a game for FREE)

    There are many other free to play or subscription based games out there which are a lot better designed that DBO, encourage farming, and are infinitely more balanced, players who want balance or fairness should go there.

    This game will never be that, not without a server wipe and total removal of the cash shop. If there is any form of cash shop in this particular game the game then there will never be a level playing field. If the cash shop where removed then this server would not exist, and people need to understand that. If you want to continue playing this game for free, then that is completely fine, but you need to accept that cashers allow you to do this.

    For those who suggest remove all but cosmetic items from the cash shop, this would starve the game of a MASSIVE amount of revenue, and no sensible person would ever consider that to be an option. If it was your revenue, would you intentionally massively bottleneck what you can earn? I wouldn't.

    The best way to reduce the gap, is to allow people the chance to directly buy the items they want, allowing you to gain something for a modest outlay, where as now there is a system in place designed to extract the maximum possible from extreme cashers. While this would probably net you less money from extreme cashers gambling on the wagu, it will encourage other players to cash and support this game, and reduce the gap between people spending thousands, and people spending modestly, increasing competition, where as at the moment, there is a handful of people massively stronger than the rest, because they have picked a OP class and are willing to gamble the massive sums required to obtain items like brown boxes in a large quantity, or cash enough money to obtain enough stones to get full +13 or +14 on all their gear including both sets of their armor.

    I withdraw my "just farm" comment because this game is becoming too much of a grindfest and for what? I don't even know the damn duration of this cap. This game really is becoming very boring fast and highly unrewarding. Would be cool if we had a event up and running sadly we don't know when that's coming, I have faith it's soon though.

    That perfectly sums it up.

    Farming is great, if it is rewarding. It is not on this game, and isnt designed to be.

    Its a free to play model, its designed to tease you, and encourage you to part with money on desirable items. (I am talking about the game in general not the private server)