• Hello everyone i want report non stop crash in test phase server.After some time game for no reson disconect me im test it even im dont move or only walk,game again disconect me and after disconect say me some about BugTrap.I think its meybe bug with windows 7 ultimate.If somebady can test it to. Or give me sugestion how i can fix it if its problem on my pc.

  • I think those constant disconnection could be result of the fact that this is a test server that isn't supposed to be open all day.

    Maybe if this client is moved later to our real server, the connection would be stronger.

    Just a speculation

  • hizeee what you talking about you want to i screenshot moment when after 30sec join in game dc me and say about BugTrap? I post picture to discord cuz that isnt bug that is server problem dont have good conection.

  • There can be a few reasons why you experience frequent disconnects. You can try that methods to fix the problem.
    1. Check your internet connection using internet speedtests and make sure that you do not have too big ping.

    2. Try to add DBOGLauncher.exe and Client.exe to your firewall exceptions.
    3. Try to add DBOGLauncher.exe and Client.exe to your antivirus exceptions.

    4. Eventually add port 20200 to firewall exceptions ( If I am right that is the port which DBOG is using).

    If it won't solve your problems try to open command prompt as Administrator and type ping

    Then show your results in this thread.

    Edit: You can try to select Client.exe priority to High in task manager.

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