About cheating

  • Hello, I am a Chinese game player.

    I want to reflect a question.

    There are some cheating players in the game, he can get a lot of props.

    This broke the balance of the game. I have already got the following advice in the Chinese gaming community: I need to check the cheaters every week and permanently stop their accounts, and record some of their information, such as: IP, machine code, etc., all information that can represent the player, if any It is necessary to prohibit access to the game.

    There may be some cheats from China, but that doesn't mean the Chinese will support cheats. I believe that all players hate cheats like me.

    `I hope to solve this problem, thank you

    If you don't punish the cheater, it means I can make a cheat.

    I am very sorry, my English is not good.

    These words are all obtained through Google Translate.

    I am not sure if you can understand, I am very sorry.

  • Very accurate. Nobody wants a cheater, but on this server that doesn't really matter.

    You can do what ever you want. Daneos stopped giving support long ago, and in case one day the DBO Global 2.0 comes, all the progress will be erased.

    So, unfortunately this is true. No one will be punished, so do what ever you want.


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  • leing , in any normal gaming community, everyone would welcome and support you regarding this.

    Still, it is too late for this, simply because most of people, including those in Chinese/Korean community, knew about most of bugs.

    They use them, abuse them and because of their selfishness, just to get advantage over other people, get high upgrade duplicated gear, bots on every corner in server, server died.

    Now, if everyone here come with honest and moral approach to the project and the game, report all bugs, suggest how to improve security of the game, it wouldn't be in this state as it is now, would it?

    Not to mention "special" kind of people who thought that they can "balance" the game so be it PVP and PVE and many other mistakes, that only helped that this project meets its doom.


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  • Sadly none of the mods have any admin or game master type abilities in 1.0 the only person who does is Daneos. So basically no one can help you or aid you in this noble quest you have decided to undertake, I would suggest not to waste your time and move to another version of DBO as soon as it becomes available.