Criticism, praise and suggestions to the Developers

  • Greetings all,

    I am a new player of DBOG, actualy I downloaded it last week. I played the Korean original version a long time ago, and only quitted playing due to the lack of translations,

    which made the gearing system quite difficult to understand, and understanding the lore pratically impossible.

    While I was looking for DBZ: Kakarot info, I came across some DBOG videos on Youtube, got really nostalgic and came to give it a try.

    As I downloaded and started playing, I kept having these freezes/stuttering while playing, an decided to search the forums for a solution.

    That's when I saw thw whole controversy that is going on, regarding the game being abandoned, the version 2.0 and the unavoidable reset when, and if, 2.0 comes out.

    First of all, I'd like to praise the developers for their work to bring back this awesome game to life.

    I understand it must be a difficult task, without proper resources and with the game being so old.

    However, I do believe some criticism has been neglected using such situation to shield the developers.

    There are plenty of material out in the Internet of the player base displaying their indignation with the state of the game.

    That won't make any easier to gather funds/donations or player to consume thing in the cash shop to help the projetc. It provokes actualy the opposite.

    To make things simpler, I'll approach subjects in topics:

    - You shouldn't have warned about a reset when 2.0 comes out, with the project being so crude and at early stages. No one will want to invest into something that will simply cease to exist. Such anouncement should only be made when close to releasing new client.

    - You must talk more to the comunity, the forums needs more admin presence. A simple post every now and then would show the comunity that there is comitment.

    Tell us what problems you are facing, I bet many people here would actualy be willing to help out. Warn us about the current focus, just be communicative.

    - The lack of comunication with the player base is taken as a sign of abandonment. The player base seems not to trust the developers (probably ocasioned by this lack of comunication)

    - The very sentiment that the game is abandoned stops people from investing on the project, or consuming regular products from the cash shop.

    - If money is the problem: charge a subscription, or implement a subscriber option.

    - However, if you charge, you will be even more charged for results.

    - In the case of monetizing, try to expand the developers team to reduce everyones responsabilities, making things more feasible.

    - And last, but not least, you should count more on your comunity! I bet there are hundreds of people willing to help charge free!

    Please, do not take this as rant, I tried to be as constructive as I could in my criticism. This is a great game and we all want to see it in a good state!

    I do apreciate all the developers work, and would like to contribute/ stimulate more people to contribute.

    With love and respect,

    Deadly Mop

  • I feel like I have to be old guy with the long white beard stepping from the shadows just to whisper in your ear: "- We have tried, and we have failed.."

    This host will suck your hopes dry, preserve your sanity while you still have it by keeping expectations to a minimum.

    Welcome to the club, nevertheless!

    If the crabgrass isn't cut at its roots it will keep growing back.

  • I feel like I have to be old guy with the long white beard stepping from the shadows just to whisper in your ear: "- We have tried, and we have failed.."

    This host will suck your hopes dry, preserve your sanity while you still have it by keeping expectations to a minimum.

    Welcome to the club, nevertheless!

    Why is this? I played the Korean version all those years ago and recently got the itch to play it again for some reason. Game seems stable enough, and it looks like it gets updates pretty frequently to fix bugs and what not. I'm not familiar with this community yet, and it could be something I'm unaware of, but for a private server of a game that's been dead almost a decade now, I don't expect it to be perfect. If some light could be shed on why people don't like the project lead or the mods, that'd save me trouble of finding out for myself the hard way.

    Is it what the OP said and they just don't communicate enough? Or is it something worse? Is the work I'm currently seeing fixing bugs and what not a recent development, and they're mostly flaky? Or is it just people coming in expecting a complete game, but being given a fan project (Which is exactly what this is). And what is all this talk of "2.0" and a wipe. I can understand a wipe happening. Things change, and sometimes a stable version becomes unstable, especially when it comes to things on the server side.

    Also, I don't know if the cash shop works. I clicked it in game, and I got redirected to the website. If it doesn't, implementing it and allowing people to P2W like in most WoW servers, while scummy for the majority of players, would bring money in to allow development to continue. It's not illegal if you're not making a profit, but if you're using all of the money in the project, and can prove it, which means keeping your books clean, you should be fine. That's assuming anyone of relevancy sees this. I think it'd be a good idea, and is better than just donations or a subscription. It incentivizes donations while keeping the playerbase up.

    Sorry for my ignorance on a lot of the goings on here.

  • The thing is nothing is going on the developer stopped working on the game for awhile now just now deciding to rise the cap to maximum after 2 years about updates we didnt get an update for about a year or so. Danoes is really really lazy he dont really care about your ideas and he cant really add anything new without ruining it we used to be alot more like 3 or 4 years ago and now the player base consist of like 100 players when at first when the developer actuelly gave a shit we got around 1 to 2 thousand players its really sad seeing how bad the game dropped. Now you cant even do anything cause the game full with people that use exploits and bots to get stuff you will work days upon days to get

  • I see.Sorry to hear that. It does take a lot of work to remake a stable game though. Especially when he has real life things to do, and probably has a job he holds to make money. Until I hear more than "He's lazy" I'm gonna stay a little cautious about believing anything. A year without updates IS little ridiculous though, and reading that the playerbase dropped that hard, and noone's taking care of botters is unfortunate. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic, and I'll stick around in the forums when I'm leveling so I can learn more about it. I'm having fun so far, although it is pretty empty.

    So maybe the OP was right about everything in end I guess.Thank you for the reply. I kinda understand now.

  • I could point a few of the reasons that caused the server lose its credibility. Hopefully it won't budge your optimism, they need it.

    - They unofficially sell zeni through third party websites.

    - Throughout the years they have amassed a large amount of coin via donations from people that wanted not only to help maintain the game online but also to help them improve it, we are speaking of tens of thousands (lets say a decent amount to get professional dev assistance). The lack of interest from the administration brought up frustration among supporters who wanted to see this game flourish, instead the game was getting worse overtime. Many have left with a taste of scam in their mouth. Until this very day, the administration hasn't said a word about it.

    - Corruption among staff ranks. I will not mention details about this, but, it exists.

    - Hackers & Bots, china arrived exploiting every glitch possible to farm valuable loot and zeni, until this day, the game still hasn't recovered from it and most likely won't without a server wipe.

    - No transparency nor interaction from the administration towards it's playerbase (sometimes even towards his own staff).

    Mind that I am aware this game's source code is a mess and almost impossible to work with (even with the help from devs on other forums), they keep fixing 1 bug and causing 2 in the process, taking us nowhere. I understand coding everything from scratch will help keeping track of things and perhaps make adding new content easier, but most of the above is still a huge problem that not even a bugfree DBO can solve. It will most likely never change unless a miracle happens and the administration decides to change the way he works.

    All they do to keep players around is increase the level cap, we are getting level 70, while there's still a lot of level 60 content that doesn't work properly, let alone lvl 20/30/40/50 content.

    This will probably get deleted ..and/or I banned.

    If the crabgrass isn't cut at its roots it will keep growing back.

  • Its like guys above said, we have 0 reasons to even hope for some changes. I can't blame Daneos because he made a great work with DBOG, but back then he couldn't foresee hackers and bots. And stability problem at top of that. The thing is, he should either fix this game with announced 2.0 or just apologise and admit he screwed things up to give us some basic info. Coz now it feel like scam like guy above said. I can confirm corruption was a thing, didn't know about zeni selling tho.

    About the game itself, idk much about programming but it seems like he just copied most of things from TW to KR, making it pain in the ass to work with leaving it for 1yr in result. Sometimes he just fix some typo, delete unnecesary option or changing shit with ingame chat while big issues like %LP stat still dont work at all after all this time! Can't really communicate with someone who can't communicate with his own staff, usually they dont even know what's going on! So ur right, lack of it is the biggest problem. Shame that threads like yours aren't on paper, he could wipe his ass with those at least

  • oh the corruption what a fun subject not really a thing anymore since the staff is non existent by now still was a funny subject when cause of memes alot of players lost their accounts cause the staff was "offended" not like the game had this much of a player base but i think when the moment they started banning people for dumb and stupid reason.

    Like the staff wont like a person soo they ban him the game really lost all its value. Ah fun times indeed cant blame anyone but the one in charge.