I have used 50 purples and 50 white stones upgrading a sub weapon

  • Not gonna lie, this made me smile.

    In the past 4 days, I would say I bought 98% of the U65 Purple stones listed, almost all of them were bought by me, from 4kk up to 8kk sometimes, not mentioning the amount of U70 white stones. We calculated with 2 friends that I spent over 4.8kkk (yes, 4.8 BILLION) zeni in the span of THREE DAYS, and my gloves are still +11.

    Oh and before you say I can afford it because I'm a casher, no, I'm not. I'm a known free player.

    The upgrade system is utter garbage, insanely unfair, and really luck based. Sadly there's nothing you can do, other than trying to manage your stones better. For example, I usually go to +8 with reds, and then try a purple, since reds are 20-30 times cheaper than purples, it's not as much of a waste, as using a purple from +5-