[EN] Patch Notes - 2020-09-14 - W10 Freeze Tests/Status Update!

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    Hey everyone,

    Just a little status update for you, as I've been dark for a few days! I've been working pretty frantically on what I thought was going to be a quick little thing for you guys, but it's actually proven to be a pretty stubborn problem, so that's why I've been a little distant.


    We're all hard at work on cool new features/quality of life changes/cosmetics for you guys! I'm working on that secret little project I'm not willing to reveal yet, along with the w10 freezes and about a dozen other things.

    Diablo is on another second secret project, and Toon has been primarily working on the w10 freezes. Cake is cooking up all kinds of new things you guys are going to love. The GMs are doing a great job keeping up with tickets, and the CMs and Mods are doing excellent jobs helping players out, and answering questions. I'd like to thank everyone for their hard work in keeping DBOG going!

    We're rolling out the first few tests we want to try with you guys on the w10 freezes. Here's what you need to do to try it out:

    Take <https://anonfiles.com/pchde3V9o6/DBOG_exe> and use this as your new DBOG.exe

    Take <https://anonfiles.com/P1g2e9V4o7/gui_pak> and replace gui.pak in your DBOG/pack folder

    Take <https://anonfiles.com/z9h1e7V9o4/flash_pak> and replace flash.pak in your DBOG/pack folder

    Take https://anonfiles.com/f0V0hfVdo4/micross_ttf and add it to BOTH the font, and localize/TAIWAN/font folders

    Take https://anonfiles.com/5dV6h5Vao2/Tahoma_ttf and add it to BOTH the font, and localize/TAIWAN/font folders

    Be very careful with how you do this, as if you do the wrong thing, this could break your game. Soon we'll start work on the patcher so we can avoid passing around files this way. Please be sure to send us feedback on whether or not this helps your w10 freezes!

    In other news, you may have seen players running around with [HP] tags in their names. This is the Helper tag! These are players who have been recognized for the amount of work they put in to helping out other players in game, answering questions on the forums and in discord, writing guides, and helping us test changes before they reach you. Helpers get special rewards from time to time, and are among the first considered for new staff positions, and will be among the first testers once we open up the test server and later the 2.0 server for testing. Thank you for your passion everyone!

    We'll be releasing the founder reward lists soon, so stay tuned for that update as well! Also, I've made a small change to how resurrection works. If you die on plat, now you can resurrect in place! There are a couple of bug fixes too.


    Fixed name change issues with spacing for staff members

    @changeclass command removes buffs from the old class now

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