[EN] Patch Notes - 2020-09-21 - More W10 Freeze Updates/Staff Command Updates!

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    Hey everyone,

    Just a quick update on where we're at with the freezes, and with the GM commands. As many of you saw last week, a team member joined budo on a staff account, without checking his level first. It was an honest mistake, and he did the right thing by bringing it to me before any of you even had time to report it.

    We're all very sorry it happened, and it's as much my fault for not fixing the commands before giving them to staff members. I ran an extra budo the next day, and I've been taking steps to both make the staff commands more secure, and allow more flexibility with them to help you guys out. Soon, I'll prevent staff accounts from entering budo/scramble altogether, and we'll never be able to make these mistakes again.

    As for the w10 freeze status update, I think we've found a slam dunk solution that wipes out the majority of the freezes. That's the good news. The bad news is that I'm going to have to work on the new launcher before we can distribute it to you guys. Hopefully that's not going to be too difficult, I'll keep you in the loop.


    @buff command added

    • Casters: CM and above
    • Replaces '@god' and @invincible
    • Cannot self target
    • Cannot target other GM's
    • Cannot target players in combat with other players
    • Cannot target players in town
    • Cannot target players outside your party
    • Cannot target players in budo
    • Cannot target players in scramble
    • Persists when entering dungeons/CC
    • Effect: Doubles stats of target player for 10 minutes.

    Along with this command, I've had to change how entering scramble works. From now on, when you enter scramble, all buffs are removed, the same way they are when you enter budo. Hopefully this command will allow staff members to help you guys from time to time with things like kraken, but also prevent abuse.

    @setlevel is back

    • Casters: CM and above
    • Can't target other players
    • Can't go above level 70

    Now that staff members can't set their level above 70, we shouldn't run into any more problems with level 70+ players in budo or scramble.

    All teleport commands are back EXCEPT @call

    • Casters: CM and above

    Now staff members can move themselves around as freely as before, but they cannot teleport players around anymore.

    @dc is back

    • Casters: GM and above

    DC is useful for GM's when banning/disciplining problematic players, so it's returning.

    @mute/@unmute are back

    • Casters: CM and above

    CM's and Mods are regaining the ability to mute/unmute troublesome players.

    This is every command staff members currently have access to, that normal players do not. I'll continue to rework commands in my spare time to allow us to do more cool things for you guys. This isn't all time wasted, a lot of this work will be the building blocks toward prototype features in 1.0, that will be fully fleshed out in 2.0. Thank you for being awesome and patient and helping each other out, and thank you for all your donations and support! This wouldn't be possible without all your help. You're the best community we could ask for!

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