Some bugs and suggestions

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    • Change the brown box of the CCBD, and the boss of the WORLD event, by silver boxes;
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    • Create a new difficulty, then hard (like HERO) that drops the set item with both defenses, phys and energy;
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    • Taking seal coin from the drop of the UD / TMQ bosses, the random status of the items status of the TMQ and UD decrease the RNG and get better items (make a margin close to the best status). EX: 8 ~ 12 con TMQ1 SET;
    • Increase the drop rate of necklaces and earrings, rare and legendary, to be possible to drop. TMQ1 and UD1 almost impossible to drop both;
    • It will be possible to use LP / EP / Senzu pot when in fear and confusion status.
    • it will be possible to put equipment on the skills bar.     


    • Event's majin buff, which heals LP and EP per second is not renewed after you kill another majin and has the buff;
    • Mystick attack is possible to take down while another player is using this skill (pull skill) does not make sense since the skill paralyzes, it cannot be possible;
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    FDF2FKU.pngWHC7P9K.pngKami's sponsor and devour curse, need to be buffed, reducing the cooldown, or removing more debuffs. (I find the cooldown very low, as you have to do the animation of the skill several times and go debuff by debuff).
    eOur3hL.pngMight Majin healing skill, it would be interesting for her to heal in an area (to improve class support).
    gIzESYt.pngMake the poko speed buff, be in an area like karma majin, so that it is more useful in dungeons with lower caps.
    pqPkVQW.pngMake the SK's anti-critical buff be in the area (for allies) or change the status (it doesn't make sense just for him to have this type of status in a buff).
    Decrease the DRAGON BUFFS cooldown, to make it more usable.
    7k9MSJZ.pngDecrease the cooldown of "dodge pot" to do this usable, and nerf the dodge %.
    tagFgbG.pngNerf the turtle book, decrease RP balls instead of all balls, give a maximum of 2-3 and increase the cd, so there is no more SPAM.
    MeTY4xf.pngMake steal life DMG fixed (players only).
    G6fFz6M.pngX0oUh2Y.pngMake the grand chef's buffs have the same CD as the ultimate buffs, some with 20 seconds, others with 1 min. (so that he is good as a solo buffer at the party budokai).
    LIK0Cy7.pngBuff or rework this buff.
    WJtrELr.pngIncrease the area of the black hole skill to make skill useful and change (as it is a useless skill) and decrease the cast.
    SM2sBgw.pngCurse reflect, be reworked and make the purpose of the skill name, reflect the debuffs, example "I get the debuff and my enemy too) and be possible to use in allies / duration time can be linked to the skill level. EX: lv 1~3 sec / lv 2~5 sec.
    iTRZdA2.pngNerf, in the Draconic curse skill of WARRIOR, in the budokai kid this skill is very strong, it removes 30% of a kid's defense basically, that is, as if the enemy was without pants, and it lasts a long time, 2 min, warrior lv 29 this skill has to be used only at level 1, that is, to lengthen the skill's duration, for a maximum of 20 sec at the first level, and only to be used at level 1 until level 29.

    Example Kami's Sponsor


    (Debuff spam , 10 sec for remove 1 random debuff/curse much time, devour curse because even maximized, it's 15 seconds of cooldown.)

    if anyone has any suggestions, or doesn't agree, say your point of view, everything here is open to that, peace. 8o

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