[EN] Patch Notes - 2021-02-13 - 2x DB Weekend!

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    Hey Everyone,

    Here's another weekly patch with a few small changes, and a few bug fixes, and a new event. Double Dragon Ball weekend!


    • 2x Dragon Ball event is now live! Dragon Ball drop rate is doubled for the rest of the weekend.
    • Turtle Book max stack size is now 250.
    • Turtle Book is now tradable.
    • Turtle Book can now be sold to merchants for 500 Zeni.
    • Turtle Book now gives the same buff to both genders, the old female buff.
    • Turtle Book now gives 1 RP ball instead of 10.
    • Dark Devil Silver/Gold coin max stack size is now 250.
    • Dark Devil Silver/Gold coins are now tradable.


    • Fixed a bug causing incorrect calculations on token values in parties.
    • Fixed a bug causing the party token bonus to extend beyond 75 meters.
    • Fixed a bug causing the anti-speedhack to incorrectly flag players using flash slash and ultimate shout.
    • Fixed a bug causing capsule boxes to stack incorrectly when in use.
    • Fixed a bug causing inventory capsules to stack on top of inventory capsules that are already in use.
    • Fixed a bug preventing old and new cc device fragments from stacking together.

    We're still working on the translation website, and making pretty good progress. We're going to continue working on that, along with the model tool, and events. Once the smaller weekend events are completed, along with the translation site and model tool, we'll bring on translators, and then start working on some bigger new events. After that, we'll work on a few new secret systems we've been designing! Thank you so much for your support everyone, and for your donations to help keep DBOG running. Thank you for playing, and have fun in DBOG!

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