[EN] Patch Notes - 2021-02-20 - Honeybee Event Rework!

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    Hey Everyone,

    We're back with another weekly patch + weekend event! This time, the Honeybee event has been reworked, and some new rewards have been added!


    • Turtle Book nerf has been reversed, Turtle Book now gives 10 RP again.
    • Stinger Helmet and Armor cosmetics are now account bound instead of character bound.
    • Stinger Capsule is now account bound.
    • Honeybees no longer spawn when enemies die, they spawn randomly around the map.
    • Small Machine Bees have an 80.64% chance to spawn.
    • Machine Bees have a 16.13% chance to spawn.
    • Blood Machine Bees have a 3.23% chance to spawn.

    New Honeybee Rewards/Costs

    Small Honey Block x5Normal x150k
    Small Honey Block x25Huge x150k
    Honey BlockSmall x550k
    Honey Block x5Huge x150k
    Huge Honey BlockSmall x2550k
    Huge Honey BlockNormal x550k
    100k LP AutopotSmall x5050k
    300k LP AutopotNormal x50100k
    500k LP AutopotHuge x50150k
    100k EP AutopotSmall x5050k
    300k EP AutopotNormal x50100k
    500k EP AutopotHuge x50150k
    CCBD F31 TicketSmall x5050k
    CCBD F61 TicketNormal x50100k
    CCBD F91 TicketHuge x50150k
    Silver BoxHuge x50100k
    200% Exp ScrollHuge x50100k
    +12 Weapon CouponHuge x50150k
    +12 Armor CouponHuge x50150k
    u14 WeaponNormal x5050k
    u14 ArmorNormal x5050k
    Stinger Helmet + Armor (dogi)Huge x250250k

    The following items can now be sold to merchants:

    Small Honey Block2.5k
    Honey Block12.5k
    Huge Honey Block60k
    Small Honey Block x512.5k
    Small Honey Block x2560k
    Honey Block x560k
    CCBD F31 Ticket50k
    CCBD F61 Ticket100k
    CCBD F91 Ticket150k
    200% Exp Scroll150k
    +12 Weapon Coupon200k
    +12 Armor Coupon200k

    The following items now have a max stack size of 250:

    • Small Honey Block
    • Honey Block
    • CCBD F31 Ticket
    • CCBD F61 Ticket
    • +12 Weapon Coupon
    • +12 Armor Coupon

    The following items are now tradable:

    • CCBD F91 Ticket
    • +12 Weapon Coupon
    • +12 Armor Coupon


    • Fixed a bug with the Korean client preventing Honeybee rewards from being purchased.
    • Fixed a bug causing incorrect calculations on party token bonus.

    The translation website is almost finished, and we're over halfway through creating new weekend events (for now)! Expect more new event types, more tweaks to existing events, and some new systems coming soon! Next week we will be rotating the shop inventory for the Token, Mudosa, and Cash shops! Once the translation website is finished, we'll be working on a few tools to help us create new dogis, and to fix the +15 aura bug. As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting us with your donations! We'll see you in game soon!

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