[EN] Patch Notes - 2021-09-18 - Summer/Anniversary!

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    Hey Everyone,

    The Summer/Anniversary patch is here! Summer dogis, surfboards, Anniversary dogis, beach balls, beach coolers, and more!


    • Summer Event added! Fight Beach Balls for food, and find Beach Coolers for drinks! Eat and drink them, or trade them to Fuuba for swimsuits and surfboards!
    • Borgors give a 30% bonus to Strength, Chili Dogs give a 30% bonus to Speed, and HETAP gives a 30% bonus to Soul.
    • Three new Saiyan armor outfits and three Anniversary outfits have been added to the cash shop!
    • The Anniversary outfits are a limited release, and will only be available until Halloween. They will never be released again.

    The following items can be obtained from Fuuba or the cash shop:

    • Swimwear
    • Aloha Outfit
    • Roshi Swimsuits
    • Swimming Outfit
    • Goggles
    • Surfboards

    The following items have been added to the Token/WP/Mudosa shops:

    • Saiyan Elite Armor v1-3, v6
    • Masked Man Armor
    • Bardock Wig
    • Broly Armor v1/2
    • Buuhan Outfit
    • Majin Buu Outfit
    • King Vegeta Outfit
    • Timebreaker Goku Outfit


    • Fixed a bug causing Wagu Coin x5 and x10 from Cash Shop/Wagu Machine 2 to display incorrect
      stack values

    The Summer/Anniversary patch is finished! Next up, we'll be working on helper/tester rewards, new staff recruitment, and translations! As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting us, we couldn't do any of this without you! We're working on more great changes, and we'll see you all in game!

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