[EN] Patch Notes - 2021-10-31 - Halloween Patch!

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    Hey Everyone,

    The Halloween Patch is here! We finally made it. A new event, new dogis, new hats, new backpacks, and more! See below for details.


    New Halloween Event - Ghostgrabbers vs Ghosts!

    The Ghostgrabbers and Ghosts are battling in their yearly game of Hide and Seek! Join in and defeat the Ghostgrabber and Ghost mobs out in the world! Trade the Pumpkin Piggy Banks you receive to Lean and Chuya in Korin Village to get your Hide and Seek uniform, and choose a side! Players wearing the Ghost gear are more likely to spawn Ghostgrabbers for their team when defeating mobs, and the Ghostgrabber gear is more likely to spawn Ghosts! Use the @halloween command to check the score.

    Misc updates:

    • Pet emotes have been re-enabled! Summon your pet and use emotes to test them out. We'll be restoring more of the pet reactions over time.
    • Ghostgrabber, Ghost, and CC Sentinel gear has been added to the Cash Shop!
    • Trade Pumpkin Piggy Banks to Lean and Chuya in Korin Village for new and old Halloween rewards!
    • Last month's cash items (the summer gear) have been added to the Token, WP, and Mudosa shops!
    • Many new/revised English translations have been added! If you see any English text issues, please submit a ticket so that we can correct them!


    • Fixed a bug causing some buffs to become stuck after class changes.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the bounty hunt from applying to players who go offline after completing it.

    We're almost to the end of the year, and with that, to new client work! Be on the lookout for a couple of new events, a ranked rework, and the Christmas event coming up! After that, we'll be shifting to full time work on the new client, with fewer updates for 1.0. As always thank you so much for your support and donations, we couldn't do any of this without you! Have fun and Happy Halloween everyone!

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