[EN] Patch Notes - 2021-12-18 - Fairy Event!

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    Hey Everyone,

    The Fairy event is finally here! Patch notes are below.


    Fairy Event

    The Fairy event is mostly straightforward if you've played other DBOG events in the past. Go out into the world and farm Fairies, and collect their Handbags. You can return the handbags to Fairy Sam in Korin Village for the following rewards. The Fairy event will run for ~1 week, until the Christmas event starts!

    Fairy Sam (Korin Village) Rewards

    Fairy Princess Outfit (Female only)7575000
    Butterfly Wings5050000
    Fairy Wings7575000
    Fairy King Wings7575000
    Hail Wings100100000
    EV Luck Coupons2525000

    You can also choose to open the Fairy Handbag instead for a chance at the following rewards.

    Fairy Handbag Items

    • Fairy Dust (speed boost + half size)
    • Magic Mushroom (strength boost + double size)
    • Moon Cake
    • Yardrat's Memory
    • Popo Stones
    • Shield Potions

    These items have also all been made tradable. New auras have been added to the Gladiator title track for Ranked Arena as well! Each Fairy also has a very small chance to spawn a giant fish! Fight off the fish to earn lots of Fairy Handbags, lots of Zeni, and some Wagu Coins!


    • Fixed a bug causing the Ranked and Budokai auras to display in the incorrect position for Majins.

    As always, thank you for playing and supporting us everyone! We're working on the Christmas patch for you, and then after that, we will be devoting most of our time to working on the new client for 2.0! Have fun hunting Fairies, and happy holidays!

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