[EN] Patch Notes - 2022-06-19 - World Boss Rework!

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    Hey Everyone,

    We're back with another patch, the World Boss Rework! The old Underworld Invasion event has been replaced with a new world boss event, and lots of other changes! See below for notes.


    World Boss Changes

    • Dark Devil Majins no longer spawn, the World Boss quest is now given to you by Dende.
    • Dende challenges you to defeat enemies and complete quests.
    • Each enemy defeated increases the counter by 1, and each quest by 15.
    • When the counter reaches 250k, Dende will spawn world boss dragons to challenge Earth's defenders.
    • Defeat 10 dragons to collect the quest reward.
    • Once the dragons are defeated, Mr. Popo will appear with rewards, and Dende's Favor will take effect.
    • Dende's Favor gives a 10% bonus to Upgrade Kit drop rate, Gemstone drop rate, Wagu drop rate, XP, quest XP, Event Coin drop rate, and Dragon Ball drop rate for 4 hours.
    • All effects have been removed from the old World Boss titles.
    • The Underworld Invasion event will be reworked and return later.
    • World Boss dragons now give points toward the Event title.

    World Boss Quest Info



    Mr. Popo Shop Rewards


    General Changes

    • Fish now give everyone with aggro a point toward the Event Title.
    • Quests now give 15 Tokens upon completion.
    • All characters within 100m of the target with aggro get quest credit for defeating it, not just party members.
    • Weekend 2x XP Event bonus now applies to quests as well.
    • Kid Clock has been renamed to Hyperbolic Stopwatch.
    • Hyperbolic Stopwatch has been removed from Token and Mudosa shops.
    • Popo Coupon has been renamed to Popo Platinum.
    • Quest mobs now always drop quest "items" and always count toward quest progress.

    New Cash Shop Items


    New Token Shop/Mudosa Items



    • Fixed a bug with a missing Namek charge animation.
    • Fixed a rounding error with Crafting Title discounts.
    • Fixed a bug with Magic Mushrooms and Fairy Dust causing client lag.
    • Fixed a bug breaking newlines/removing last 2 characters from Quest info strings.
    • Fixed a bug causing incorrect calculations when restacking items.
    • Fixed a bug preventing error messages from displaying during login and character creation.
    • Fixed a bug causing the Tien and Great Saiyaman Undersuit dogis to explode on Majin Males.
    • Fixed a bug causing the 2x Ranked Mudosa rewards to disappear when relogging.

    We made it through the World Boss Rework patch! Thank you so much for your patience everyone, this was a big one. Up next is the CCBD rework, then Cap 70! As always thank you so much for playing, and thank you for your support, donations, memes, and everything else! We couldn't do any of this without you, and we're so happy to be here with you. More good changes coming soon! See you all in the next one.

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