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    I didn't know there is a dbog calc app. Downloaded it and I like it so far.

    Hvala (thanks) Ilijas

    This needs to be fixed. You dont know if it's sorted by ascending or descending order in AH.

    In AH you can't use - or ' in search. Idk if it's possible to fix that.
    Also, there are dogis (new ones added) which have one name when they are in your inventory and different name when they are in AH (example cowboy dogis).

    I knew I forgot something...

    5. Screen Shake
    Option to disable screen shake when you cast skills, as a command or something similar. It gets annoying and after some time it feels like there is a earthquake or some1 is shaking my monitor.

    This iteration of bounty hunter was mostly a failed attempt at daily content. It made sense on paper, but it doesn't really work in game, and the UI doesn't really support this kind of thing. We're going to take what worked for it and port it over to our next pass at daily content, which you might see in the next couple of patches. It's still very early for that though.

    FInally a daily quest(s) in DBO.
    It would be good to have Bounty Hunter as a daily quest with decent rewards.

    Wanted to add more, but rest of my suggestions (changes-reworks) are class skills, which I have written them down, and it's kinda early for that.

    Thanks on reply Verdant.

    I have some suggestions which would be amazing to have that in game.

    1. Moveable Party Frame
    Every healer, buffer, etc... wants this option to be in the game. I would love to be able to move party frame (for example like on screenshot1 in spoiler below).
    Make it to be as a checkbox in options to lock/unlock party frame or as a command in game, for example @unlockpartyframe and @lockpartyframe

    2. Disable Auto-Approach
    Stops auto movement towards your target after you cast a skill.
    You can make it to be a checkbox in options or a command, for example @disableautoapproach or anything similar.
    It's so annoying when you are a melee class, you use ranged skill and after that your character starts running towards your target like crazy (and it bugs out and you can't cast a skill for a 1-3 seconds).

    3. Movement Speed Dragon Buff
    I think it would be good to have this as dragon buff. It must be disabled/not-avaiable to use in ccbd.

    4. Bounty Hunter (Small Rework)
    No1 is doing this 'event' cuz rewards arent that good. If bounty hunter rewards were similar to the event coin rewards players would do it.
    Instead of current rewards if there are 1 U60, 1 U56, 1 event coin (1, 5, 10 at random), 1 F91 ticket,...etc at low percentage chance to get, players would do Bounty Hunter way more often.
    Bounty Hunter titles would increase by small amount % chance of getting rewards (it would be similar to event coin titles which increase drop chance or something like that).
    And for last thing for Bounty Hunter... Add Bounty Hunter Logo on bottom right (like you can see on screenshoot2 below) and when you hover over with mouse it says which one you need to kill with his location, not exact one (example Westlands, Yahoi East, Porunga Rocks South,...etc).

    I know Verdant and his team have more important things to do, these suggestions (first two mostly) would make gameplay much better.
    One of DBOG upcoming changes Im looking forward to is ccbd (pve) rework. Can't wait to play crit plasma or a dps (buffer) ulti, or finally to have a real tank in the party (if DBOG team do ccbd rework the way I think they are gonna do it).

    Kind regards,

    Not really , as theres barely any room for a 4th skill bar , what would be better i believe is getting a Equipment Set on Character Screen that you can hotkey for example on CTRL/TAB + number/letter
    A 4th skill bar would just make UI a mess .

    You can put one vertically on right side (it wont be blocked by quests cuz you can minimize/hide them) and you can literally put 1-2 party frames in between chat and current UI skill bar how much there is empty space (or even additional skill bars).

    The thing is, 3 rows of skill bar wouldnt be enough if we were able to place gear on it.
    If we could have one (4th) skill bar along the right side of the screen it would fix that.

    Ideas to be created/changed:

    - World Map

    Allow teleportation by clicking on registered teleporter icons. The fee to teleport will be a lot higher than teleporting from NPC.

    All ideas are good, except this one.
    This would make flying, teleports (npc) and pets useless.
    We have already enough teleports...