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    Hello DBOG Community,

    I am leaving DBOG staff due to certain reasons. It was my pleasure working with staff team. Thank you all for fun, laughs and everything we've been through so far < 3

    Verdant It was fun testing and chatting with you. You are a great person and a friend. Thank you for all the stuff you doing for that guy!
    If you need some DBO suggestions for future class balances, dungeon reworks, etc you can always contact me on discord.
    I'm better in Halo hehe

    El Seriouse Cake We will stay in touch like we were been so far since DBOG got created. I'm better at making pizzas : )

    Rinka, Negan, Ele, Lemon, Kurumi, Kikara and Lyyne I love you all. There's nothing else to add because I'm not gonna stop playing and having fun with you all < 3

    VheGheta La Famiglia per sempre!

    Stonks my good friend see you on the discord and in the game.

    Reklz and Graphic Designers I love every your cosmetics. Keep up the good work!
    See you in the game Reklz

    Anto the best poko ever!

    @Players It was fun and I enjoyed every bit working with you all in discord dms, on your tickets or in the game. Remember to write a ticket if you have some problems.
    Have fun playing.

    Thanks for everything and see you all.

    Ssj is way better. Kaio ken is just a filler when ssj is on cd.

    Phy Attack - 20%
    Eng Attack - 20%
    Max EP - 100%
    Att Speed - 20%
    Movement Speed - 20%
    Hit Rate - 15%
    Dodge Rate - 30%
    Resistance Rate - 10%
    Block Rate - 10%
    Skill Animation Speed - 20%

    3% attack speed bonus clicked once
    5% attack speed bonus clicked twice
    7% attack speed bonus clicked three times or more

    Phy Attack * 1.25
    Eng Att * 1.25
    Movement Speed * 1.2
    Att Speed + 0.8% (added onto the speed bonus clicked from multiple times)

    Phy Attack * 1.25
    Eng Attack * 1.25
    Movement Speed * 1.2
    Att Speed + 0.8% (added onto the speed bonus clicked from multiple times)


    Phy Attack * 1.3

    Eng Attack * 1.3

    Movement Speed * 1.2

    Att Speed + 0.75% (added onto the speed bonus clicked from multiple times)

    Understandably, people want to get their hands on the best gear and earn money. Still, it can be unfair when a few places are monopolized by a select few players.

    Papaya is unfinished map. Even in orig game it was like that, half empty.
    Right now there is like 4-5 good farming spots in whole Papaya.

    In 2.0 it will get worked on making Papaya more lively (adding npc's in Coconut Village, area revealer for turtle island, fill empty areas, etc...)

    I've tried the main website, but I can't download the game. There's no download button


    If you cant download from DBOG main website, you can do it on DBOG Discord
    In #downloads channel on discord use any of three download links.

    Also, there is DBOG installation guide youtube video in #staff-guides discord channel.

    I didn't know there is a dbog calc app. Downloaded it and I like it so far.

    Hvala (thanks) Ilijas

    This needs to be fixed. You dont know if it's sorted by ascending or descending order in AH.

    In AH you can't use - or ' in search. Idk if it's possible to fix that.
    Also, there are dogis (new ones added) which have one name when they are in your inventory and different name when they are in AH (example cowboy dogis).

    I knew I forgot something...

    5. Screen Shake
    Option to disable screen shake when you cast skills, as a command or something similar. It gets annoying and after some time it feels like there is a earthquake or some1 is shaking my monitor.