Account Hacking Decision Update

  • Hey Everyone,

    As you probably know, recently some malicious users started another DBO server, and it is highly likely the staff of that server abused the information they were entrusted with by the users. All evidence seems to point to them trying your login information here, and stealing from accounts that matched. We have been discussing internally with staff how we should handle these tickets, because there is no good solution to this problem. The decision we've come to is probably going to upset a lot of players, but hopefully this post will help shed some light on our reasoning for coming to the decision we have.

    We aren't going to be able to help return the items to the players who were hacked, but we have banned those responsible on many of their accounts, and many of their friends have been banned for account sharing. We are continuing to monitor those people and their friends, and we will continue to permanently ban anyone who shares accounts with these people going forward. These people will always be permanently banned, and this will be policy as long as I am in charge of DBOG. They have just caused too much trouble to be welcome here. If you are hacked, we will ban those responsible.

    Here are the reasons why we can't help the hacked players:

    It incentivizes malicious behavior

    The trolls that do these things intend to waste as much of our time as possible, delay our development as much as possible, and make as many other people as unhappy as possible. They are selfish, cancerous remnants of days gone in DBOG where racism and constant whining about everything was commonplace. To them, playing the game means afking at tatami passively gathering tokens, complaining about stone RNG, and insulting each other in the most heinous ways they can imagine. We've banned most of these people, but some still remain, and some keep coming back to get banned again.

    The accounts that were scammed look remarkably similar to the accounts that are shared with these malicious players. If we return items for these hacked accounts, it incentivizes these people to share more accounts with them, and then make tickets to try to get the items back and hope we won't find where the items went, to get free rewards. It also incentivizes them to try to do this again with another separate server, to waste more of our time and torture us and the players more. We do not want to condone or encourage this kind of behavior.

    It is incredibly time intensive

    In any online game, preventing cheating and hacks is a constant battle. All of the time that we spend developing new content or bug fixes, these malicious users spend scouring the open source looking for exploits. They look for ways to crash the server, they build custom clients to try to cheat or bot, they look for anything and everything they can exploit. They would like nothing more than for us to spend hours and hours of staff time investigating these hacks, looking at logs, tracking and returning items.

    They do everything they can while they're stealing your items to make catching them more annoying, and as we continue to ban them, they will get better and it will require more time for us to catch them. If every time they successfully steal someone's items, we go and do deep analysis to get the items back, they will be getting what they want and tying up a lot of our resources. All of these things delay the new client, critical bug fixes, and any other new development or features we might be working on. It is just not justifiable to grind the server's development to a halt to help a few players, at the cost of the whole.

    At the end of the day, it is as much the responsibility of the players to be careful where you enter data as it is ours to protect it. When you give your information to these other servers, this is the risk you run, most especially if you are using the same login information for each server. We will do everything we can to protect your data and keep it safe, and you should do the same. Never reuse login information anywhere on the internet, create the strongest passphrases you can, and never share your account.

    I'm sorry that we can't give you guys what you want this time, and individually help all of you that have had your items stolen. We're a small team, and the nature of this investigation is that I have to do it myself because of how technical the search process is, and the level of access required to perform the search. Rest assured, we're banning those responsible everywhere that we find them to minimize the risk to you and drive them out of the community. We'll continue to develop our tools, policies, and processes to keep them gone.

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