Incorrect Statements Concerning Galaxy

  • Hey Everyone,

    It's come to my attention that a couple of staff members have spoken out of turn concerning the recent phishing attacks that ended up getting a decent amount of items stolen from players. If you weren't aware, staff from another server recently misused their own stored user credentials to log in here and steal items from players who used the same credentials here. A couple of staff members here (one ambiguously, one directly) referenced Galaxy as the culprit for these shenanigans. That's incorrect, we're on good terms with Galaxy. The server in question that we believe (and our investigation verified) took part in the thievery was TimeBreakers. We apologize for the mixup and speaking out of turn. It's not our policy to engage in this kind of inter-server drama and we do our best to avoid it, but sometimes these things happen, and we're sorry for that. I can't endorse or condemn Galaxy or most other servers, but I can say that we have no reason to mistrust them currently. As always, please be as careful as possible with your information, and never reuse usernames or passwords. Thanks for playing and supporting us!

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