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    The suggestion to reduce Token Shop prices has already been made since Day 1 of the recent update. Whether it'll happen or not, I personally hope it does, but I don't have an answer for that right now. We'll most likely find out sometime soon or after the next maintenance.


    Already made a statement in the other thread. There will be a change in the next update that will make it easier for everyone to get more dragon balls. Still working on getting a new schedule with more hunt times.

    That being said, there are already other threads discussing this matter, so creating a new one was unnecessary. Therefore, I'll be closing this one now.

    I'd say the drop rate of the balls themselves is fine. Many people, including myself, still manage to get around a full set in a day, although there's others who aren't so lucky, of course. The playerbase is still increasing and that has a big impact.

    However, we do have something in the works that will make it easier to get dragon balls, which is planned for next maintenance's update. We believe people will be happy with the results.

    P.S: No schedule changes yet, but we're working on it.

    Your opinions have been stated and heard. There are things that need to be improved (and have already been a work in progress so far) and some other things just seem to be misunderstood, at least by some members of the community. Either way, we'll continue to work to make things better for everyone.

    However, before this thread gets any further out of hand, we'll be closing it now, since no more constructive is being given and all that's left are members going at each other's throats. You don't have to like each other's opinions, but please be nice, or at least follow the rules within our platforms.


    Ok this is my answer to what you said. If this game is going by the real life logic. Then players in the party can do the missions together even when they are apart 1.5 kilometers. Because if they need to kill something and get something from a mob, a party member could easily do that and carry the requiered item to his party member for the mission. If you have any understanding about what I said you surelly would think the same. The bug or whatever happened with that was great, and now you made the game more boring and a pain to play. Because some of the people will lose their flying jet and it will be really hard for them to do the missions. If you still think that the "fix" that you people did with this is allright then I have no words to that. I love the game, but with this change you just made the game worse.

    I understand what you're saying, however, not only do we feel like it would be making things too easy (this is an MMORPG afterall, and there's even games where you need to hit the mob for it to count), but it would also be helping bots out tremendously, which we do not want and I'm sure there's also other players who would agree. Unfortunately, it's not really possible to accommodate everyone, so it seems like this is how this particular feature is going to stay, for now.

    Just to disprove any suspicions of this: The drop rate has not been changed.

    Aside from the fact that there's no actual need to rush, once people's levels spread out a bit more, it'll become a bit easier to hunt. But so far, you still have all the chances to easily get at least a full set in a day, from both sessions. It's just luck.

    Actually, having a distance limit on this is also how it used to be in the old DBO. Perhaps, at one point, it didn't have that limit but then it was later fixed? A bug occurred in DBOG, where kills would count for people who would be in completely separate maps, but this has been fixed. It is more logical for quest progress to advance for people who are actually nearby.

    The current range goes around (if not exactly) the player's maximum view range and we feel like this is plenty enough. I passed your suggestion on to the big man himself and he confirmed that there are currently no plans to increase the range. Sorry.

    Não está em nenhuma os mesmo foi pelo pipload, já mandei ticket um moderador chamado Hardlock não está capacitado a responder isso pois o mesmo parece um robô sempre falando as mesma coisas sem saber informar absolutamente nada.

    Posso assegurar que não é um robô. lol
    Como eu disse, mesmo não aparecendo no log, esse cash deverá ser reembolsado. Ele disse o mesmo, como podes ver pela imagem em baixo:

    Por isso podes ficar tranquilo. Mas se, por acaso, acontecer algo errado e esse cash não voltar, aí deves enviar um ticket.

    Depositei 150 de cash na minha conta founder no pre open beta e mais 1000 e pouco em outra conta, a do founder não mostra esses 150 de cash depositado no log somente a outra conta. OBS: esses 150 não tem haver com founder foi depositado no pre-open beta

    Clica em todas as tabelas para te certificares que não está mesmo nada lá. De qualquer das formas, o Daneos afirmou que deves receber esse cash à mesma. Caso haja algum problema, podes sempre enviar um ticket.