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    Hey People, I'm Emma, I'm 14 And From New Zealand. This Introduction Is Two Years Late I Guess, Since I Lost My Old Account. I'm Looking To Restarting From Level 1 To Play With Some People As The Game Got Kinda Boring After i Hit 40. My Usual IGN Is Saiyku/Saiyko But Since Im Gonna Be Restarting I'll Need A New One That Ill Edit In Later But As For Now Do Any Noobs Or Others That Are Resetting Wanna Play?


    I Make Memes.

    1. Do not rush when you just started learning. Speed up only when your fingers hit the right keys out of habit.
    2. Take your time when typing to avoid mistakes. The speed will pick up as you progress.
    3. Always scan the text a word or two in advance.
    4. Pass all typing lessons at Ratatype.

    Why you think anyone gives af about cap 60 lol....

    One of reasons why server is empty because people wait for cap 70, soo sorry mate, I only showed point that it is possible.

    Plus no one here discuss about cap 60, but party system and dungeons in general.

    Point is, each class geared good enough can play role of tanker in this game.

    How to trigger Iceman 101:

    1. Speak on 70 cap on any form that's not positive.


    rank = first stun/better ms/good luck is win. There is no skill in this game just timing.

    Hello people of DBOG, I am curious to see/hear your characters back stories so I made this thread. If I find anything interesting I'll post a video reviewing it on my channel, and if it's really bad I'll re-do/perfect it on the channel (please no Mary Sue's). I'll start with mine!

    The Origins of Blaze.

    Click Here for Blaze's theme song

    Soon to be the perfect fighter, Blaze, a human with unknown parents was born in the universe of Dragon Ball Online, in the Age 1010, about 226 years after Goku defeated Kid Buu. Blaze grew up in Kokkara village, a huge area built by Bulma’s family from generation to generation. Kokkara Village was meant to educate, train, and grow all of the young Majins, Namekians, and Humans into warriors so that they can eventually become time patrollers and aim strong enough to be chosen to kill Mira and Towa once and for all. During Blaze’s youth, he always had good intentions. Blaze always sought to protect, defend, and help those in need, but his peers unfortunately always took advantage of him. After training for 15 years, Blaze has finally come of age to join the time patrollers.

    The night before Blaze was about to be recruited to join the patrollers, he was training his body and soul at a waterfall far away from Kokkara. Blaze suddenly sees one of his classmates, Qad, a ruthless Namekian who always hated Blaze. Qad approached Blaze with intentions to kill him, and ended up beating Blaze to a pulp. Before Qad was about to fly off to leave Blaze to die, he noticed Blaze’s aura glow pink around his wounds, regenerating his scars at a fast rate!

    Little did Blaze know, he had the power of a Majin in him! Blaze took a quick second to look back at all the times he’s always been kind to the namekian Qad. His anger boiled rapidly which then suddenly make his aura switch from gold to rose. You could also notice his eyes transform into a blue-ish color sparking with rage. With this anger, Blaze uncontrollably extended his arm like a majin and slit it through Qad’s chest. With one blow, Qad was dead.

    In shock, Blaze took a look at himself from a reflection of water nearby him and started to notice the potential of his power. Suddenly, a voice from a distance shouted to Blaze’s direction congratulating him. With a quick turn, Blaze noticed the voice came from the descendant of Gohan, Gokel, a time patrol captain. Gokel was able to see the full fight and seeing Blaze as a potential fighter, he asked Blaze to train under him for a year. Blaze went on countless of missions doing Gokel’s tasks, jobs, and favors. After a year of Blaze training himself and serving his superiors, Blaze was now 21 years of age and mastered his majin powers to a perfected level. Before Blaze was about to fly off to another daily time patrol mission, Gokel wanted Blaze to come with him instead to finish Mira and Towa once and for all. Gokel assembled a team of 3 patrollers; Los (an old childhood friend of Blaze), he is an advanced namekian healer, the mysterious Gokel, and Blaze. Towa and Mira were last spotted in the era when Goku first landed on earth as a child, so the team of 3 dispatched to that time period. After landing, Los notices Mira floating around the area baby Goku was supposed to arrive. Without thinking, Los quickly rushes to attack Mira and managed to land one devastating blow.

    Foolish, Los underestimated his opponent and fell to the hands of Mira. Despite being dead, Los fortunately left Mira near death. With an opportunity to strike, Gokel attacked Mira with a devastating punch in the chest leaving him stunned. Gokel then swiftly finished Mira off with a fatal kamehameha leaving Mira dead. After Gokel killed Mira he grabbed a golden ring off of him, placed it on his finger and then unexpedly put on an evil grin on his face. Confused, Blaze questioned Gokel about this and demanded Gokel to explain what the ring was. Gokel suddenly told Blaze how the time patrol system was built only to retrieve the yellow ring called the Universal Ring ring from Towa and Mira in order to claim history for themselves. Gokel also revealed that Blaze is the descendant of Uub and Pan, so he not only has a small percentage of Majin blood, but Saiyan too. Gokel said his plan is to conquer each universe and recreate it how he sees fit. Now that Gokel had no use for Blaze, he used the power of the Universal ring to defeat Blaze in one attack then teleports away. With a miracle, Towa suddenly appears next to to Blaze and heals him back to his full state.

    Blaze quickly got up and out of anger, and the same aura mixed with gold and rose back when he fought Daq once again floated around him. Noticing Blaze’s despair, Towa starts falling in love in him and seeks to help him on his quest for revenge. Towa tells Blaze the only way to defeat Gokel is to ask Shenron to fully bring out his Saiyan and Majin genes in order to unlock his power to his full potential. Taking Towa’s advice, Blaze and Towa take the time machine to the same era Goku was alive during the Tournament of Power in order to collect the dragon balls without being spotted by the Time Patroller. After collecting all 7 balls, Blaze summons Shenron and makes the wish to unlock his full power. After his wish is granted, Blaze had the ability to transform into level beyond a Super Saiyan Blue, instead he had white hair and white eyes and an yellow aura around him with the transformation permanently lasting. Overwhelmed with this power, Blaze’s body deaged back to his teen state, leaving him in a kid-like form.

    Before Blaze and Towa return back to their generation, they finally got married and promised to protect each other for eternity. After Blaze and Towa travel back in time to age 1005, they notice Kokkara village in ruins and Gokel sitting in a throne hovering above the village. With anger, Blaze fights with Gokel for hours upon hours. Blaze eventually obliterates Gokel and claims the universal rings for himself. With everything Blaze experienced, he no longer cares about protecting humanity, but now seeks immortality and total control over it with the Universal ring and his divine power.

    Blaze and Towa then search and gather the super dragon balls to wish for immortality. While Blaze roams the world, he decides to kill off all the God’s one by one, then travels from universe from universe, and suddenly runs into the Legendary Paragon!


    Hello everyone. So there's been a misunderstanding in the DBX community. The post that says "2 new characters" was supposedly a fake post to bring attention. Before BandaiNamcoEU (the accurate bandai account) took down their post with the REAL DLC Pack 7 news, I screenshotted it.

    Here's my video that goes more in debt with the whole situation: 2vtwp4k.jpg