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    In short ... Was this necessary in a POB? There are more urgent things to do, like fixing quests for example. How are the players going to help test the game when stones are put in the way? A bad step.


    I said what i wanted to say, i am by far the best crane in DBOG i don't care about what anyone done 6 years ago.

    Any good current cranes knows how good crane is if played right, DoTs are fixed now, no more buggy crits etc, and 1k slash is simply nerfed, that's the only thing that changed, thousand slash got reduced by 2/3 of its total dmgs, meaning that in order to one shot you now need to apply 2-3 DoTs instead of just 1, and i find that a good idea.

    Now, the good thing would be to actually nerf the most broken classes too, we all know karma is a problem.

    6 years ago were the good times of DBO as the few veteran players there are now know. Now it is not difficult to be "the best" when almost all players are new.

    I'm going to leave it here because I do not want Box-head(boxbox) to ban me or close the thread. Peace.

    But who the fu*k do you think you are to talk like this to people who express their opinion? I played in TW since the lvl 55 cap and since the cranes lost their Lost in time are not worth anything. You have no fuc**ng idea what it was like to be crane before. Any player who like you spam in trade looking for high level weapons and armor should be more humble. With equipment +15 and an unfinished game we are all good.

    Me cagaron mi DW con lo que costo equiparlo, y ahora me cagan el spin del majin cuando era casi lvl 69 a puro farm. Ya en DBO de TW si no eras SK o fighter no hacías nada. Y en este va camino de lo mismo. Sin hablar de las speed parties. Todo el server lleno de Karmas y SK veo.

    Like old TW, my friend. Welcome to

    DBO (G)

    This is, in my opinion, the game right now

    1. There is no evidence that it is illegal (Of course. We are all sure that the Chinese have been legal)

    2. It's POB so relax (Yes. But all this makes the POB a shit.)

    3. Nobody forces you to play (True. Sure the Chinese will tell you all the bugs they find)

    It's a shame that POB is worth everything.