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    Time enought, its time to let it go, but when something ends, also something start again. So maybe with what he learned from dbo can develope something new, not alone but with a development team by his side... maybe. But this is dead, sadly

    Just to disprove any suspicions of this: The drop rate has not been changed.

    Aside from the fact that there's no actual need to rush, once people's levels spread out a bit more, it'll become a bit easier to hunt. But so far, you still have all the chances to easily get at least a full set in a day, from both sessions. It's just luck.

    in fact you are wrong the possibility of drop if it is different even though daneos has not changed it ... the people themselves have changed the drop as you have said but do not take action against this, which is very possible thanks to the ... many ... many suggestions from users as good as adding more hours, or days like Sunday ... even if only now it is saturated with people, or add more chanels ... change the drop rate in itself .. and when there are not so many people leaving it again like this now. Possibilities to fix it there are many the thing is to do it.

    My guild saying that today's event was fine, much better than last week one. Everyone here got at least 1 wish ^_^

    Devs probably gonna to keep an eye on event and boost drop rate if players don't like it

    my opinion and that of many others ... manys ... by the forums and in the chat is not the same clearly we did not have the same experience you and 100 other people...

    in the same way I tell you that there was not as much fuss in the previous db hunt as in this week ... both in the game and in the forum.

    dude I do not know ... but the fact is that the chat has exploded with people who have noticed the drop rate so small and the previous event if it was like that there was no complaint. and also I also say that the drop has been lower in today's event, it could be that you have had good luck with the drop but this one has been a different drop rate ...

    Dino doesnt work anymore (for sure on pre-open beta). Mobs got icon but do not drop.

    You can try drop with low level zones and pick up by Your main, but since we got flying skill (45 cap) flying around is good or better option.

    I know, I check it but I say that you have not obtained those 4 wishes today with today's rate ... because today's rate is very clear that it is very inferior to anything seen before.I did not want to prove it because in the previous event there was no need...

    can be arranged in two ways or leave it as last week or put 1 hour more to compensate the rate and the latter would not be very satisfactory for many.

    Come ch0 and inv me to party, right now i have used buffs and ssj lol :D

    where exactly i say i dont belive you have that please show me :) im not saying you dont have your wishes.. what i say you lie saying you get the 4 wishes in today event

    are you saying he faked a picture of having 4 shenron abilities? were you dropped on your head?

    I have not said that at any time, I gave him the reason that the previous event was possible. I say that it is perfectly possible that all this has been taken out if we also count the previous event, sayan, htb2 and 1 buff, and with what I have left full in this I take a lot of balls but after many ... forms that we all know to get good drop, dino super, kid starter zone ...

    if you did the previous event is normal that was fine this I can assure you by a lot of screen shot that you teach me this one is not good :)

    in the previous I know people who have been up to 16 db, but I assure you that in this and more with your tactic of flying over xD nobody has been able to get the 7 just complete the ones they already had before or in the 4h with a lot good luck to take them out

    Drop rate is good. 4th wish already. 2 wishes last Saturday, 2 today. So +/- 7 DB per 2h.

    How i drop? Flying and looking for mobs on my level.

    hahaha ... sure

    fix this 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% drop rate or let it like this and put 1 hour more .

    As Holy says you have no experience, all players of the KR version have had a lot of trouble getting the dragon ball and the event lasts every weekend to see them and the drop rate was the same as this one .

    I am a former player of KR and TW versions, and it was hell to have that you play barely for 1 year you think it's enough to say that you have the experience. Do not even imagine the number of years I spent on DBO and I can tell you you have almost no experience compared to the old players of KR and TW versions

    you have no idea what are u talking about please stfu ... this isnt helping...

    Now the db rate its too low . <--- hope you see that point and understand and respect it...

    That childish insult will do nothing and 10 000 players on FB that still didnt get answer and will first think - "This is scam". They still dont know .net is not real site.... Give a official message to players!!! At least - "Sorry we will be a little late"... You know, players will think first and this is a fact - "this is not serious, they lied"

    You really dont have idea of what are you saying... stop crying if you think can do it better go ahead and create by your own a server, fix it and try to manage all project like a real company with his Alpha, beta ... bet you dont even know where to start and for sure you give up before u start... Cry everyone can but resurrect a game from an server emulator, learn C++ in the way, fix and provide a playable game and build a hole community from nothing only Daneos the person your complain about... Some respect folk.

    I have played this game in taiwan version too.This game is not boring at all and if you think that way why are you playing it? You're "ingliš is RIP my friend" and I have absolutely no idea what you said up there. I don't care anymore and I will not comment any more. I said what I tought and thats it. If you don't agree its fine.

    you just respond yourself... the game dont borred me... that part in concret of leveling how i alredy did since the open beta of dbo tw... so yes that part its bored as fuck... and bdo tw also respound u when they created the lvl up 33... whos exactly and exclusive for people in my situation -_-... and yes my english its dead im rly dont interesed to learn more i dont need it in my life by now. ^^

    PD: My point is the lvl up 33 was created and used in the Oficial game so its logic use it here too ... one month later or when they want but must be implemented at a price (50-100 cash poin in my opinion). And i will not respond anything more thats my point, im just talking for me not everybody.