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    Hello. I don't know if it will help you, but It definately helped me.

    I run win7, so what I did was that whenever I opened the client/game I clicked ctrl+shift+esc and then found dbog.exe under the second tab and set its "Priority" to at least High.

    Most of the mmo games are cpu dependant and even if you have a 3000$ gpu it won't help you, when the cpu has a hard time proccessing stuff all-together. So increasing it's priority will definately skip some other lower priority stuff and work on dbo more.

    Tell me how it went :)

    As a debater on the last thread I opened and after the discussions we had, I can say that this is the right way to go.
    Not only you agreed on the Patch Notes (I'm full aware that you already had that in mind), but you implemented it on today's maintenance. That shows, to me and I think to all the other members of the community, that you finally started taking us more serious (not saying that you weren't at first) and also that you started taking our thoughts into consideration.

    Now, about the updates that I'm more fond of :
    - I'm very happy that you found a way make Netpy Token System sufficient at any level, but giving the edge to the end-game players, which was the right thing to do without having us complain about ruining our AFK times. (Yes, I AFK with my buffers when I play on my main. Had to throw this out there since some people thought I was no AFKer.)

    - I'm excited about the new DB Hunt schedule. The addition of more days will take some stress off the server (if it had any) but also from the players. who can always try the next day if they had no luck or just want to farm more. The time schedule, in my opinion, is almost perfect. With this combination of hours, the players actually have a chance to decide when to hunt without missing other ingame or IRL activities.

    Thank you for the updates and thank you for listening to us. (That's coming from one of the most ruthless judges of the community)

    Thanks for your post caveiraosc , but I would prefer it in English. Even the copy/pasted english translation from Google would suffice. I will post your reply in English below for the other members to read it.

    I forgot to mention that this is the communication we need. GMs and Moderators seeing things from the prospective of the players' eyes and not just through their server side eyes. If we continue this kind of talk, I'm sure that we will find a solution, somewhere in the middle, that we both agree on.

    Scrancher Thanks for adding your insights onto this matter.
    - About DB Hunt. Like I said before, I also believe that more days will be more than enough to stop the whining. The second idea of that part, is a good one in my opinion, but it would be really hard to implement since the team would have to do alot of coding for this to work out as well as we want.
    - About Token Shop. I think that we can only wait for the new additions/changes to it, in order to really see how it will work out. After that, we will be here again discussing it.

    - About Mob Drops. I remember that there were golden/silver chests dropping from mobs in TW. Maybe they can implement that here too in order for F2Ps to catch up (somehow) to cashers. Add the keys, for said chests, to Token Shop and also on Cash Shop (they're already there if I remember correctly) so that everyone has a chance to get some good stuff.
    For those chests rewards, the items could vary from random high-end Token Shop items or low-end Cash Shop items. That would make people spend their Token Shop points instead of hoarding them and the rewards would be good too. If this was implemented though, I would like to see the rates be from low to medium and not just some 50% chance.

    Kirito Maybe the solution is right here, in from of our eyes. Make items that you upgrade from the regular +5 +++ bound, so that people won't be able to resell them unless they buy seal coins. Nobody would like to spend 15(etc) seal coins in order to sell an item for 300k. That's my opinion.

    Kirito and everyone else talking about upgraded budo gear, the server economy etc.
    I strongly believe that the problem wasn't the gear that was high priced nor the Token Shop afk farming. The economy (talking about ingame zeni), in my eyes that is, was doomed during the popo massacre (during the launch of OB) where everyone could farm millions of zeni in some hours. Unfortunately I wasn't there to see it for myself, but I got well informed about that matter the next day. I was wondering how people could have amassed all these millions. That's where the economy flipped. The dogis were also overpriced during that time, but now they are coming down to normal (without considering the new dogis that were released).
    It's the people who bought those overpriced stuff with the zeni they acquired during that popo mistake, that made the economy inflate. Now that there are no popo boxes, the economy may stabilize a little bit, till people start asking for brown boxes as payment and not zeni. And how long will the zeni rise last?
    When that time comes, there won't be any more ingame economy. You'll have either to tune up the mobs and everything else to give more zeni and also increase the prices of zeni related stuff or remove/remake the brown boxes. That way, you will have to spend alot but gain alot more (only in the ingame vendors etc, not counting Auction House and player trades).

    In the end, it all comes to people's decisions on how to spend their zeni. Spending it on overpriced gear and other stuff, will only make the sellers enact this kind of behaviour and use it again in the future.

    I would like to thank everyone for addressing their thoughts and adding their respective ideas in a civilized manner.

    Kirito - About DB Hunt : You really don't understand do you? If people had more days to work with from the start, they wouldn't complain that much about people flying around and stealing their mob and the team wouldn't have gone to such lengths such as changing the whole event to meet their needs, where the easy solution was to add more days. Do you actually get it now? But yeah, you will have people who go out and say "It's better now, since I can farm DBs".. Farm DBs? Really, in a game where DBs are a beneficial event "reward", you can farm them like materials. On top of that, along with the new system, the more added days will remove the magic of the item and it will just be a "thing to farm" in order to get a skill.
    In future days "DB Hunt is On", everyone will stop what they are doing for those 2 hours and farm DBs until they have all the skills they need. How many days do you think it will take them to do it with the new system?

    Sometimes I wonder if the team actually farms for the DBs to test the changes, or just wait for the feedback from people. Have you tried it yourself? Or are you only relying on people's feedback that say "Oh yeah it's great" .. Cause the 90% of the people that posted here talking about DB hunt, agree with me.

    About the Aggro Update : Indeed some people said that "it improved" but it improved the system that you already broke. That's saying something. Either that you're doing something to restore it or that you shouldn't have touched it in the first place. (With "you" here, i'm reffering to the team and not actually you).

    Other than that thanks for being a server side debater on this topic.

    I won't be quoting your posts but instead I will tag each person I'm reffering to and later you can react the same way, since quoting on posts like this, will just make it harder to read.

    Iceman - I will start by informing you that there is a thing called "threat" where the boss/regular mob attacks the character, not closest to him, but the one that deals the most damage. That's how it works in every mmo. Tanks bypass that "damage dealt module" by using threat management skills called taunts. Using taunts and not by dealing the most damage, tanks can stay in the #1 spot of the mob's threat. The change that was implemented just made things harder for tanks and all the other members of the party. That's because everyone will have to watch out for the mob rushing to them because they have generated more threat than the tank. Imagine than happening in higher CC floors. No one would take a tank that can't do it's job. They would probably go 2 healers to be safe.

    - There never was an AFK bot system, only a bot system when you killed too many mobs too quickly. That's when you added the code and got that exp buff.
    - I think that I didn't say to balance the classes now. I just simply pointed that some classes will always be better than some others, be it PvE or PvP.
    - About the Tournament, I never said that everyone would join again and again. Maybe there can be a weekly ticket that you buy with Token points that allows you to enter. That would be alot better than having people massing ranked battles in order to have higher priority than others. We must also consider the future and not just the data we have now.

    - I still believe that the crafting system was ok as it was. You can farm lvl40 materials when you are 29 etc, since lvl 31+ gear dissassemble into lvl40 gear materials. What's the point of having them dissassemble in higher lvl mats if we can't use them right away? I always wanted to prepare my gear before I hit that certain level, be it 21-30-40 etc.

    For the last "contradiction" I left that "test stuff before you complain". If you're reffering to me, then let me assure you that I've been here since Closed Beta. I've tested alot of stuff and I've always shared my insights here on the forums, but you can't blindly agree to everything that's being done to the game which you spend your time on.

    Kirito - You know people wouldn't be complaining about the "old" DB hunt if it was on for more days than just one, right? People's frustration is coming from the small amount of time that they have on their hands to collect the Dragon Balls and not that there are people flying around killing a DB mob and then going for another. That's how it has always been on TW and not even once I saw someone complain about "flyers" or w/e you wanna call them. Campers on the other hand, will be the real problem for this event. Every zone will be packed with people that will "farm" the DBs in their own pace. Adding more days to that, will only make things harder and harder for other people. So don't go out saying that it will be better and that the rates are fine. It's just 20% for a mob to spawn with a DB icon, the drop rate is still the same as it was.

    - The Token Shop issue was purely a mistake that was made from the start. The team decided to make a change and like you said, only the half of it was implemented. In my opinion, tokens wouldn't be a problem if the team didn't decide to add more items in it. If it was in my hands, my way of improving it would be to add some event tokens on the "old" Token Shop that you could spend on the Event Shop and get the same LP/EP pots/exp buffs etc. Adding more items to the Token Shop or cutting the prices down to half, won't solve this.

    - For all the other stuff, you can re-read what I said to Iceman above.

    Santo Seems like you aren't well informed. Tokens "were" a reward for being online. Now they are just some points you get for playing the game.

    Drakonis A curious guy like you should know that we aren't part of the team but we are part of the community. No game has improved without the help of its community and that's a given. Without listening to the people who play your game, how can you be certain that it's "good"? We aren't here to do a better job than the higher-ups. We are here to express our thoughts on the system and help it improve. The people who like its current state won't complain, but the ones that don't will. Also by your standards, a community should be a happy family accepting everything that's thrown to them without complaining, right? I would also like some clarification on what areas we lack experience in.

    Please don't use this thread to express your frustration by attacking other members of the forum. Let's be civilized.

    I don't know how to begin this, so I will get down to the point.

    I see so many changes that are happening too fast and this isn't always a good thing.
    Almost every change/update is coming without an explanation of why it was implemented and people, like myself, writhe in frustration.

    I would like to address the points that made me feel sad about the server, the moment I read them.

    • Changes in Dragon Ball Hunt

    Why would something this big be implemented so fast? Why were there no test runs on this? Where was the proper explanation, before the update, to the people that keep this server alive?

    I will answer my own question right here, like everyone would do : "Because it's OB Vall and we should change things and see how it goes booohoocrysmirkapau".
    No, a proper change comes after a proper explanation was given about it and of course a proper way to implement it. Don't just say "We changed DB Hunt, wait for the next DB hunt to spend 4 hours getting nothing and then complain." People are right to complain about how their success rate has dropped since the last DB Hunt, but you're so optimistic going today , 4 days after the "new system" giving us an explanation.

    Not to mention that this change should have happened ONLY and I say ONLY after we had more hours to work with. It's hard for some people to be online at those designated times (the staff knows that) and if they are, they got nothing. May it really is bad luck for 1 or 2 hours, but 4 hours? How can this possibly be bad luck?
    It was just a bad "innovation" and it gave more headaches to the people responsible.
    I predicted the raging outburst of the community the moment I saw the "update", taking in account that not every class can clear an area that easily and also that people would be camping in the 40-50lvl areas.

    • Changes in Netpy

    Where's the explanation of how you obtain the famous T points now? Adding stuff to the shop and then making it "harder" to get the points needed seems dumb to me. You really couldn't think of a better way to improve or rather decrease the way you obtain them.
    Let me give you a hint. Separate channel for afkers/shops.
    That sounds good to me. Why didn't you just create a new channel for the people that want to farm while being afk and also for the people that want to sell in shops? Also implement a new system to the other channels, that kicks people to the character screen after 15 minutes (as long as it took to get 10tokens) of inactivity. It doesn't take a genious to think of a way to improve the token system while retaining server stability.
    With the way you did it, you just made the Token shop awesome with the new additions and then removed the sparkles that were hovering around it, making it look like an empty brown box down in the junkyard.

    • Changes in threat/aggro management

    Oh oh, here comes the clawing... This is the worst thing that has ever happened in the MMO history. Removing the ability of the real tanks to tank and give it to the DPS. I don't know if there are people in your staff that have MMO experience, but this should have been cut off at the time it was dropped on the table.

    Not only it makes the game look bad, but it also asks the question "Do you really know what you're doing with the game?" I've been playing MMOs since 2004. It's 2018 (for those that don't have a calendar close to them) now and I've never ever ever have seen a change this big, that would not just nerf, but destroy an ingame class making it worthless in just 2 hours.

    Tell me, you did it because people love SK, didn't you? SKs were always complaining that they sometimes (not all times) couldn't tank. That happened here too. People were complaining that SKs were not as good as DWs at tanking and you went and changed them from off tanks to main (buawawhaha) tanks... And they were right. SKs aren't meant for main tanking. Dark Warriors are. Why?

    Because that's their main job, to tank, to protect the party with their abilities and make SKs look "bad".

    1. I don't know if the people that belong to the DBOG staff have played other MMOs, but give me a minute to explain why I said main tanks and off tanks before.
      In all the MMOs I've played, there are 2 (or more) classes that can tank. All those classes aren't the same at tanking, some lack survivability, some lack offensive skills, some lack threat management. It all comes to have a balance around tanks and know what you need with your current party or future dungeon. That's where main tanks and off tanks come in. If you're in need of a great tank that can help you with the dungeon, you will have to rely on a main tank. If you think that it's easy, you can do it with an off tank. (I won't go further into the system of raids etc. of the other MMOs, cause we don't have that here).

    What you did here, was to destroy the Dark Warrior's ability to tank, cause as he is now, he lacks the damage output it needs to maintain the threat of the mobs around him. Dark Warrior could solely do this with his skills, never relying on damange dealt, thus protecting the whole party.
    Once again, there wasn't an explanation of how you managed to come to this conclusion and change the main backbone of the aggro/threat management.

    • Changes in Classes - Balancing

    Most people want their main class to be the best. I want that too. You can't satisfy everyone though. Some classes rock in PvE and some in PvP. You can't have a class that will do exceptionaly well in both. That gives the player, the ability to choose between what he wants to do in the end-game. If he wants to PvE, he must rely on the good PvE classes and if he wants to PvP, he has to rely on the better PvP classes.

    Balancing a class to be good in both can't be done without making another one look bad. You can't have a class that can be great at PvP and also be great at PvE. Not in all the aspects. That's where AoE damage, single target damage, healing ability, survivability and tanking modules come in place. Players must choose what they want to do and they must stop complaining about balancing the classes in either PvP or PvE, cause with the current data, someone will always complain.

    • Changes in Tournament

    So you tell me that I have to melt my fingers in ranked if I want to participate in the Tournament? I'm not a PvP person, so I will use my PvE Turtle brain to tell you what I think about this. Too much for something that lasts a week or so. That's it.. Too much drama for nothing. Why not add 5 or more tournaments to meet the players' expectations instead of adding another formula into the mix which in our case is ranked battles? Why just rely on just one Tournament that will say "Bye Bye" to us in the next maintenance? Can't the server handle it? Can't you copy paste the code 5 more times into the formula? Oh i forgot.. Where is the proper explanation of why you can't add another tournament? Why did you set a minimum level again?

    • Changes in the Crafting System

    Here comes another change, which is also a zeni sinker but will stop being one, once people get their respective gear. Not to mention that the crafting prices are too high for the server's economy state (at the moment). I was a crafter in TW, I was a crafter in PoB. This change is the worst that someone can implement to a game that has a crafting system. Why not let me craft the recipe for a 70lvl armor if I'm able to do it and also pay the price for it? What's stopping me from crafting the gear I want and sink my zeni to help the economy stabiize? Where's the proper "patch (hahaha) notes" that explain the reason of this huge change in one of the game's core mechanics? Oh yeah, the "explanation" if you can call that an explanation and not an excuse of mutilating the crafting system, came in 8 hours ago, stating that it was just "unfair".

    You know what's unfair though? That you keep redoing the same mistakes and then undoing them. Like it was back in PoB. Oh yeah, I was there leveling, hitting 70, having fun, reporting the aspects of the game that I found wrong, doing the same old thing Vall does, going with the flow, but I come in Open Beta expecting things to be better and what I find is just a humorous bad face of the PoB that we left behind.

    If you want to make things better, you have to start listening to the people who support the server and keep it alive. And no, I'm not talking about cashers. I'm talking about the whole community which stood and is still standing beside you all these years. All you have to do, is order an open discussion about how we should proceed and make this a better game for us and the people to come.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts on this. I would be glad to discuss anything related to the issues I've mentioned.

    Damn, I wish be able to test Engineer Class already! :(

    I don't believe that there are plans for Engineer Class since it was never officially released. I am not sure if there are any plans on this, since the Dev team might not have/miss the files to create that/a new class ..

    Here is a list of things to do and not do, so that you can successfully complete a TLQ :

    • Take your time with the TLQs and don't rush things.
    • Let the enemies make the first attack.
    • Never one-shot the mobs / NPC when you are prompted to fight.
    • Don't rush through the cutscenes with clicking/spacing. Wait 3-5 secs before you click, to move on to the next sentence.
    • Don't use powerfull RP charged skills to kill the mobs / NPCs. I found out that auto attack is your best friend there.
    • Don't advance too far from the engage points. Example : Don't walk towards the dinosaurs that attack Chichi. Don't walk towards the wolves when you carry Goku. Let the enemies come to you.
    • Wait for all the mobs / NPCs (especially in TLQ 3 with the big bear thug) to turn enemies and let them attack you, before you attack.
    • Going out and into the TLQ Portal might not solve your problems. Try relogging.
    • If your TLQ freezes, try relogging to another channel and try again. Logging in to the same channel might reproduct the problem.

    I hope that this list can help alot of you, get your skills ;)

    I still believe that @Daneos should add the Quest Weapons (The class weapons that give you the quest for Master Class) to the Cash Shop so that everyone whose weapons failed the quest, can get their Master Class and complete it.

    I personally failed with my Namekian :/

    The Cash Points will be refunded when Pre-Open Beta closes and we move on to Open Beta. After that, since the progress will be carried to the official release, any Cash you spend will be "gone".

    Also about your lost Cash, I also have some Cash missing, but Daneos told me that since they'll get refunded after Pre-Open Beta, I have nothing to worry about because they are written in the transaction data. If you want to know more, ask Daneos with a personal conversation.