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    Hi, it is cause your scouter is broken due to dying alot. You can fix this problem by going to a goods merchant and press the 'repair all' button near the identify item.

    I suggest you to keep tiny questions like this in the discord channel cause you will get a response much quicker. 8)


    So then how exactly should Shadow Knights be nerfed, because I doubt nerfing Bold Strike would make that big of an impact on the class as a whole. You also can't just go nerfing it without giving it some sort of buff to even things out. As the Fullmetal Alchemist series said, "Equivalent Exchange."

    "Equivalent Exchange." pfff. don't make me laugh. Use some real life examples next time like law of conservation of mass, it can only be transferred into a new form.

    My friend the drop rate has been lowered, similar to TW except TW had DB hunts everyday. With a drop rate like this it will take at least a month to receive a wish.

    I say the frequency of DB hunt times should increase.

    Well guys im gonna quit DBO aswell like iceman i just need to accept that DBO has died with TW, KR, HK. IMO dbo get boring at the end not much content. 2nd reason i already know what im going to do when i reach lvl 70 which pretty much ruined the fun for e.g already know how to gear for pvp and pve , builds etc( theres no fun in the game when u already know it) like in old dbo it took some experience to know what u are actually doing and how to gear ur chracter which made it alot more fun.

    However i might join DBO later on but my chances will be very low around .0000001%


    :( :( may iceman have fun wherever he goes, he gave us all them OP BUILDS.

    how dare u call me a piece of shit frogturtle
    i agree that needles do more dmg but fighters need some form of crit rate
    to balance that either remove the 50% crit dmg they if they land a crit from behind to 20% crit dmg if they land a crit from behind.??

    i mean if Dan changes str to give crits again wouldnt SM get 1 crit rate buff, 1 crit rate passive, 70str. all they would hve to do is follow wat Kiwinskk did and wear all con, we dont want a DPS running around acting like a mini tank. i also know that fighters can tank with this dex giving crits. the main thing that should happen here is REBLANCE EVERYTHING CUZ DBO IS WAY OF BALANCE.

    Still quite bad, +1 to a lvl 30 SubWeapon gives you a +10 on both E.Attack and Energy Attack, so it is quite useless to say that 5 or more Soul = +1 Pink Stone :( Maybe if 1 Soul gave a +5 or +10, they would be much more useful, and Plasma will probably enjoy getting 17 SOUL level 42 Armor (I think it was 42) on every piece of armor and weapon/Subweapon Which will total out to 85 Soul or 425/850 Energy Attack, that would actually be nice for Plasmas, Karmas probably still need to get FOC for their awesome debuffs!

    poko lol they get like 100soul from their skill tree but pokos are mostly know for attk speed%.

    Make sense!

    Agree! On a side note, DEX is also OP, giving p.crit rate(no clue how it makes sense for DEX), dodge rate, and status resistance rate. Now, think about SM. With STR and FOC in its mastery, where is this class going? And fighter got more OP with that extra crit rate. Where is balancing? At least giving this crit % to soul and str will help balancing them.

    if ur confused how u hve no clue on how it maxes sense for dex giving crit rate, cause it gives dodge and bit of Resistance which has got nothin to related to giving crit, badass has the perfect answer as mentioned earlier 'Fighters STRIVE for DEX! Unlike Swordsman, they dont have a buff that increases their CRIT HITRATE as good as SMs. Fighters need DEX to keep up with the CRIT RATE of Swordsman. On the other hand, Swordsman dont have as much DEX, which makes them unable to do as much Dodging, so they use DEX for that!'

    My response.
    Fighter need to hve dex to give them crit rate unlike SM they a crit rate passive.
    and btw SM have more crit rate then fighters thanks to the passive.
    SM: land more crits

    Fighters: better dmg with crits.
    thats the only difference.

    Frogturtle You are comparing real life logic to a virtual game cuz of of the dex thinge. '
    DEX is also OP, giving p.crit rate(no clue how it makes sense for DEX) dodge rate, and status resistance rate.'

    i can give u many examples of real life logic to a virtual game
    - why mighty and ulti majins have spin i mean boo never used it but goku was the first one in the manga ? human should had the spin technique not majins?
    - humans should learn masenko since gohan learned it from piccolo?
    -Kid buu should hve IT he used to destroy planets within secs.
    -Cranes should learn solar flare as its a crane hermit move which was used by Tien.

    the game has a certain mechanics which are meant for the game not real life logic.
    e.g Fight has solar flare since its a class focused around dodge.