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    The cp points will be refunded. Whether you used them or not, they will be refunded.

    We all wasted our cp on wagu scam machine so it's gonna be refunded anyways for every one.

    Yeah that's my point, so we can get a fair cash shop instead of my money being wasted while other people who donate now will get actual good shit.

    The funny thing is, half of the people complaining about the wipe are more or less the people with all the top notch gear, and don't have any financial problems in the game. And mostly just sit and PVP all day, which can get insanely boring sooner or later. I reached cap, and got some good gear and all and it ended being boring since I knew a lot was going to change and be updated.

    What you're not understanding is that the wipe is to make it fair for everyone, so what if someone spent $1K on Cash Shop and hasn't played this wipe and they get on with a completely revamped Cash Shop while we spent hundreds of dollars on useless Wagu Machine items and all?

    The game is dry, not only because it's not being promoted anymore but because it's literally nothing to do. Upping the level cap to 70 will really just add another 6 months to a year of a need to play vibe toward the game. Otherwise, you're just going to get bored and drop out. No use complaining about the wipe.

    One day this game will shut down due to it just not being relevant anymore, like many other games have and the retail DBO. Making all the money and time you spent truly obsolete at that point. Because you can't play, and you don't get the money or time you spent back. You lose everything at that point, so you're better off not complaining about it's not our fault you went all in and didn't take your time.

    Lmao, I'm a DW and if I see someone farming. I change channels or move slightly farther away in an area they aren't farming. Only when they enter my area, I start mob-stealing.

    this is the reason the staff doesnt listen to people


    No, it's not. They should review every thread. I could post a porn link here, and if it's not deleted or even reported. That means staff isn't paying us any mind. It's not the player's fault for being frustrated. It's the team's fault, but change takes time. But announcing that something will be changed would be good to know. I heard some staff members got pissed off at Daneos for making his own decisions. So they should know how we feel in some way.

    and crits only deal high dmg on squishy targets. noobs like you think this is unhealthy but unlike other games DBO has a counter to crits

    which is called anticrit. have fun killing sk, which apparently is the strongest class looking at pvp. nerfing crits will just buff them more and cause a tank meta

    so just stop

    So, first off. Stop trying to sound like you know stuff because you play League, a MOBA, and shit game from my perspective. And that's my opinion. Things that are obviously/partially NOT right need to be heard. Whether they're stupid or not. You telling someone to delete their account is just pathetic. I'd move on if you gave some proof right away as to why he should delete his account (And I know this was meant as an insult.) Enter the conversation smarter next time. Leaving the game means it's trash, people who actually want change, is also garbage, and I'm still not seeing people giving real and fair advice to the team.



    Hello everyone! If you're interested in joining our guild. We've made optimized our Discord to allow people to apply their.
    But we have some new restrictions regarding this new feature.

    ✦ Our level cap requirement has been increased to 40. If you happen to be in the guild already, you have one week to reach this cap.

    Other basic rules and guidelines have been updated in the Discord. Feel free to join. But if you don't not meet this requirement, you WILL be kicked, however you can re-apply at a later date when you are lv. 40+.

    Discord Link:


    So, I've decided to remake my Turtle. I'm currently level 33. I want to ask, can anyone make a build for me meant for farming and or PVE?
    (I also have a Green Book, so when I cap I can just remake into a PVP build. So don't hesitate to make it completely PVE.)

    P.S: If you'd like to include what gear, and such I should have it'd be appreciated. As well, I've read up on the Turtle Guide but I'm not a big fan of it, and it's only one person.
    Unless there is others buried in the forums. ?(

    Honestly, that all sounds like a smart idea. Especially the section for Future thoughts. I'll look into that, hopefully it's fixed soon.
    The reason I have points into Concentration is because I don't know if it'll be nerfed but Dragon Buffs are like 1 hour with it maxed out, at least I've heard that.

    I'd say for your build super saiyan over kaioken, especially for the energy boost, also if they ever do fix the defense a viable option might be to lose spirited roar, and just pair might with prepare to roar, that would leave you with two left over skill points and if you ditch instant transmission that would give you enough sp to max kaioken, which can be stacked up to 5 times to increase your crits. That way youd be able to have your cake and eat it too, that would also work better with roar. So again you got options.

    Very wise, that sounds like a solid PVE build. Really, all I need to do is level my turtle, once I hit level 70 on both, it'll be easily to get a Green Skill Book and make a PVP build.

    Your definitely gonna wanna max out big bang and leave final flash at one, also if I were you id consider maxing out storm as a finishing move. Also why do you have thunder maxed but blitz fist at one, either your a speed fighter or your not you cant half ass it. Also two things there's no reason to max evade up when 1. The dodge algorithm isn't properly formulated anyway, and 2. fighters already have incredibly high dodge. Id put that 4 sp into increase hit rate passive which fighters aren't naturally blessed with. now onto your martial artist skill tree your gonna wanna either max quick attack or not touch it at all because having it at 2 is just doing yourself a big disservice. Same thing with kaioken your gonna wanna max it or not touch it at all...

    I think this would be a better build for you.. While keeping the element I think you were going for.

    Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it. Currently with defense not working "Prepared to Roar" seems like a good skill to add on. Since the transformation fix has been added. Super Saiyan can easily replace Kaioken (At least that's my guess atm). The only reason why I keep Instant Transmission is because it's just convenient to me, I was wondering should I remove the points and upgrade Kaioken to Lv. 3, or push them into a passive or buff.

    I know is a stupid question but where can I found the Temp files, without using an external program?

    Just use your "Windows" Key + R and type in "temp" & "%temp%". Both of these are editable and shouldn't have any negative effects on your system. As far as I've seen anyway.
    - Note: CCleaner is a very useful and safe-lightweight program you can use to clean your PC. So don't be afraid it. :saint:

    I think they'll get around to it. //Paying more attention to suggestions that is.
    It's truly needed though because it's almost like a waste of a wish to me.
    Typically, not all people would go for SSJ anyway, as I heard Fighters really don't need it. Some say it's for only cosmetic looks only.

    Welcome back/Merry X-mas. Hope you find everything very neat? 8^) Message me anytime.

    Yeah, I agree. I might make ANOTHER turtle. My current build isn't so hot and I'm not a fan of the name or anything XD.

    Yeah, def and dodge not working really turned me off on how I play. I used to play TW but never got the understanding. But this is fair I guess.

    I was wondering, is it worth it to continue playing?
    Now this is coming from one of those random people just sitting in Korin not even lvl. 70.
    These kind of threads appear often, but the question is what is it even to do anymore. :/
    I want to keep supporting and keep playing until the OB, but I don't know what to do about (Remake? / PVP? / CC I heard is getting fixed soon / TMQs as well)
    I was also thinking of making a Fighter over Turtle. In you preference what's better?
    Fighters are challenging to play but Thunder seems fun. And Turtles have stuns and Kames so I always thought they were better.