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    They want to ban "speed" from the game. Whats next, wanting "skills" to be banned to for being to high output dmg? Without speed it wouldn't be dragonball like anymore......every mmorpg has its exploits now a days just play what you like and let others enjoy their way of playing too >,<

    It's not about deleting speed but to limit speed buffs to selfcast, exploits aren't good, if others game have them that's bad for those games.

    Karma, poko and fighter can still play speed for themselves if is properly managed. The problem with speed parties is that the risk is almost none compared to skill users, you don't have to control your ep, barely use skills and the hard thing would be aggro control and positioning... all of those are required when using skills, ep management can be specially hard.

    The only reason to play speed is that is a lot easier and faster, otherwise i don't know who would choose to play with 1 clic and let auto attack like there isn't a tommorrow. This is not like upgrade system which is just bad because of rng, speed is really broken.

    Whatever happens i don't think a new wipe would be possible by people choice, my reason is that this wipe poll already divided the community in at least 35/65.

    With the last wipe some people leaved the game even when they knew that was going to happen (many as me came back), now i don't think that if the game suffers another big issue they would be able to perform another wipe because of the lack of trust which is understandable.

    Exactly my thought, people must love level 55 and 60 items so much..., a 60 +15 is on pair with a 70 +9 or +10 and is probably worse because of the % difference in stats.

    I saw some people claiming that staff can't delete the items manually but if they can't even do this how are they supposed to keep the game safe?.

    If anyone says that they will be capable because of the new client then they can also delete these items in that client.

    Doing what we suggest (deleting level 70 gear or a few +15 even when the 60 aren't a problem in 70 cap) would take more effort but it's the correct way to do it, always taking care of details and not just by sweeping everything without caring at all.

    Tragically, resets are always bad for mmorpg's, every time there is less people behind and is not my opinion, is just what happens.

    It's safe to say that 36%-40% doesn't want a wipe, anyway let's skip this as doesn't lead to anywhere. Many people doesn't use forum accounts, that's there fault, is also bad administration the way the vote happened as just probably a 80% of users voted and i don't really care about that.

    What matters and what Yamcha was saying is that it would be nice to explain why a wipe is needed when the problem are the +15 items, because we know that those 60 are going to be like a 70 +9 or +10 at best, so is not a problem at all, not right now.

    We also know as you do (i guess) that level 70 in game armors and weapons can be deleted and they are justa few, something that can be fixed without a wipe, when you care about something you just don't do the easy thing to do and try to do the hard but right thing, which should require more effort.

    If you are going to answer me, try to focus on the subject (the usefulness of +15 lvl60 gear and the lvl 70 gear deletion) without insults or whatever it may occur to you.

    If there is a poll for a wipe there should also be one for attk speed... i was always an advocate of nerfing heavy or removing all together attk speed

    And will be better to remove it before a wipe, it would take longer to do the wipe but also is the best way if you are serious about improving the game because this can't prevent people from taking advantage, that or stick with speed and lock yourself to four classes

    Its has already been nerfed by the speeding being capped already. Speed just saves times, imagine doing ccbd 1-150 without speed. Your looking at 6-8 hours to complete it. With speed at best its ~3 hours. Speed is not an abuse its a mechanic to save time. Speed is a PVE base skill, if you don't like speed then stick to pvp and stuff.

    Speed is laziness in form of stat, you are saying that saves time..., it's true saves time and it shouldn't save it at all, it should be as good as using skills but as pve is broken in some aspects people uses speed. The way to "save" time is by tweaking mobs according to skills uses and not just by "i'm going to stand here and auto attack like if was hard to use skills", ¿do you realize that we are talking about end pve content? being end content shouldn't be that easy to complete at all.

    Someone who understands... Amazing. Its okay if individual classes like Fighter,Poko, and Karma are using Attack Speed as their primary source of DPS, but when the entire party is able to abuse the mechanic it makes end game dungeons a joke. The first things that should be to neuter this, is preventing GoGo-Mask and Kami's Blitz from stacking, and increasing the drop rate of good items in BIDs/UDs?TMQs to compensate for the extra time spent in the dungeon, or you could just make the TMQs like they were in 55 KR. Another alternative would be to modify the stats of mobs in the dungeons but I'm assuming that would take more effort.

    I couldn't explain it better and i agree with all, also i think that poko is very incomplete class because he is a summoner or at least an attemp of one,

    Poko pets should be its strength not just a complement for his lack of usefulness besides of giving speed to others, before no one used poko because speed wasn't working now they are key to any serious party just because of att speed.

    I think that CCBD mobs should be tweaked to be less boring when playing with crit and other stuff, hard but less boring because right now it would take a lot just to do 51f to 90f and then nerf speed according to those parameters, but as you said not for the whole party and probably the classes affected by it such as karma, poko and fighter could get a buff if they needed it.

    When i speak about boringness i'm not referring to nerfing the pve aspects but to improve them, after all this is a game and you shouldn't be able to do something in 20min by just standing and 60min using pure skills, thinking your next move.

    Attack speed should be removed from the game or be nerfed so it can be as good as using skills.

    Instead of balancing the game devs decided to give attack speed so players can stand in a corner, the most difficult thing about playing speed is positioning and aggro control also by doing this they saved themselves from a lot of work creating dungeons that required some strategy to complete.

    Many times we hear that this game is easy and it's true, partially because of attack speed, try to complete ccbd with and without speed and check how much it took for both tries.

    If Daneos nerfs speed too late after the possible wipe, then the people that already played ccbd will have an advantage, playing speed is boring but still quicker than without it.


    I did not know there were people who already had accessories lv 70? but in the same way the patch 70 is already coming out, it was necessary to do the wipe.

    Algunos tienen ropa 70 y no pueden equiparlo hasta el cap 70, si este fuera el problema lo mejor sería eliminar las cosas 70.

    fijate que nadie da detalles, solo dicen que hay que resetear o el juego muere, cuando dan algun argumento te dicen que hay cosas 70 y muchas piezas 60+15, lo cual no es motivo de wipe ya que las 70 se pueden eliminar y las 60 no van a ser efectivas.

    Otro argumento sería que el juego tenía más gente antes y para confirmarlo te muestran una captura de los servidores llenos, claro que se "olvidan" de mencionar que esa captura es de pre beta, momento en que el juego tenía parches cada 2 semanas y los servidores tenían la mitad de capacidad.

    You know why people starts with insults when arguing? yes because of lack of arguments, hotheads tend to do this a lot.

    If he doesn't "believe" like you then he should fk off? what kind of kid are you to say stuff like that.

    You say that he is being negative but you are standing in hope and faith, some people is more realistic than that, i understand because you are kind of new, playing since 2018 so it's fine.

    Dbog suffered a lot and still need a lot of improvements, i wouldn't think less about others just because they have different opinions, people that really care for the game would ask for gameplay improvements before a possible wipe... and for stop joking with users.

    You are making a few statements:

    1) Daneos left the game without updates for almost a year, reason enough to stop playing until new client arrives.

    2 )You left because you were tired of the game and now you wan't to continue, this happens often to anyone, the thing is that you you don't mind for another reset as you stopped so you don't won't lose much, the issue with this is that a lot of people continued.

    3) You would like to see in game changes (as we all do) but you are traying to persuade people with gifst if they reach level 70 before the next wipe, so they need to continue leveling before daneos resets again, nice joke.

    For all of those who are voting no all because they do not want to lose their items and such, please understand that a wipe would indeed be for the best. It would get rid of a bunch of +15 hackers and a bunch of other toxic things. Please be reasonable when you are voting. Don't vote for yourself, vote for the future of DBOG. A wipe would indeed be for the best.
    Thank you.


    Fact about what you are saying, people doesn't care much about leveling (i know a few do because of lack of time) but because there is no guarantee to more exploits to happen as Hardlock said: Also, some exploits were fixed, although I can not promise that there will be no new exploits.

    Need to repeat this again, in a level 70 cap stage level 60+15 weapons and armors aren't that good, a +15 60 weapon would be as good as a level 70 +9-+10 one.

    I can't imagine a guy winning budo with a level 60+15 against a level 70+13 unless the other guy doesn't know how to play, plus there aren't that much of level 60+15, yes there are a lot compared to tw or kr but still aren't much enough to affect the next cap.

    I would gladly wipe if they changed more things before doing that, like removing the broken speed which is a lazy way to play and still much better than playing crit for pve.

    When op was released the game was clean of bugs as we knew so this looks bad.

    Dbog doesn't receive updates since eight to nine months, the game has been stuck with lv 60 cap since july or august and some people still think that the reason for people to stop playing is the +15 items lol.

    Level 60 +15 items won't do much in level 70 for obvious reasons, one of them being that a level 70 weapon/armor between +10 and +11 is better than that 60 +15.

    Level 70 gear can be deleted as they deleted lv 70 stones previously, so i don't see how this fits the we need a wipe argument.

    They call us selfish because we don't want to give up our gear and our time for nothing, still you can see comments like "i want to spend my cash in a better way than i did in cap 60" or "i don't play since 6 or 10 months so the wipe will give me the chance to keep up with the rest".

    We can be sure that if the wipe included no cash return these people would retreat from the idea and would claim that it's a scamm, they would be wrong since this game has donations, is not selling cash as it can't.

    The most important fact is this:

    Also, some exploits were fixed, although I can not promise that there will be no new exploits.

    The main reason to not want a wipe is that there are no guarantees of another exploit coming in the next client, that would kill the remaining trust.

    It's funny that most people that don't want a wipe are the people that multi cliented, bugged, or have done little to nothing in the game. The damage has already been done, the only way to not have a wipe is to ban and prevent the abusers from ever doing this again. Need some type of hack prevention set in place in order for that to happen. I doubt Daneos has that figured out yet so it seems hopeless atm.

    Probably 90% of players used multi client because they could and was easier to play, wipe supporters or not. You can share the list of "anti wipe" players that bugged, i'm sure that people would like to see it, unleast this is a fallacy.

    All they need to do is exactly what you said: ban and put better segurity, hacks will keep existing and it's funny how we had an anti bot system but people cried about it.

    The problem with wiping everyone's gear is that everyone would be left with a "naked" lvl 60 character that wouldn't be able to farm for new gear. At least by restarting at lvl 1 you can gather materials and zeni as you level up and have quest gear to work with in the mean time.

    So you are saying that is better to restart from level 1, start leveling while getting gear and keep like that until level 70.

    Doesn't make sense if we consider that by starting at level 60 we can kill low level mobs get their gear, then kill higher level mobs and pick their gear, keep doing it until you reach level 70, this would save a lof of time since we wouldn't have to level up except for those 10 levels.

    I just think its dumb to complain about cash bringing an advantage, you see you work hard on the game to get your stuff. I work hard on real life to donate to the game that you play complaining about "casher's advantange". Seems like something pretty stupid to complain about, plus you're stating the obvious. Of course cashers get the advantage, it's the reward for donating and helping the game, so that you can still play. Btw, I said I wanted to get a new opportunity to cash on a complete game because I was trying to imply I didn't get what I deserved for donating "x" amount of money before, and I was hoping it would. How would you feel about your money if you cashed? we're no different man, I just pushed the donate button and helped people like you get to play one more day.

    Well, you knew how much cash you were getting at the time of the "donation" so i don't know about deservings in that case, he already returned it twice, you should know that those are "donations" you aren't paying for a subscription or something like that.

    You told me that i should see the bigger picture and now it's my turn, the truth is that without cashers or free users this game wouldn't go on.

    Remove cashers and the game dies, remove free users and it wouldn't make sense to donate since there wouldn't be a good number of people to play with, so are parcially wrong. If i cash i would do it without expecting anything, after all you are supporting a project, not buying lootboxes, i think you understand this.

    I preciate that you came with a straight answer this time, not like before writing things that i never said, you seemed quite confident about what you were writing. Still never said from where did you get those ideas about me saying that cashers are cancer, i though that i was implying those ideas, looks like i wasn't after all.

    Do you read what you write? Seems like not... What you are implying is that cashers are the people destroying the game. Just for your information my friend, cashers are the ones that brought the game back and maintained it running up until now. Next time you comment stuff like that, don't blind yourself, instead look for the bigger picture. How are cashers supposed to be the cancer ? that's some stupid thinking and a dumb move, imagine Daneos prohibiting the cashers to play the game, lol... look forward to reading those words.

    You are the one saying that you would like to wipe because of your cash return and to be able to use it in a better way, as i wrote in previous comments, you said it not me.

    Now you are saying that i said that cashers are destroying the game, common dude, read again, i never said that cashers are the cancer of the game or that daneos should prohibit them to play, from where did you get that?

    This is your text

    "I just want my cash back and a new opportunity to actually manage myself to cash it the right way in a complete game, not a 0.50% completed game like it was when OB released."

    My text

    "Of course you want your cash back, this would give you advantage upon others, naive of me to think that the wipe was meant to bring a new and "fresh" start, never did tho 8o."

    You think that getting your cash back in a fresh start wouldn't give you any advantage? don't come with sht that i never said, focus on what i wrote.