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    Talk to daneos before he went to bed. He's been working 22hrs on packet to make the server run stable so every channel can have 2,000 players online. He just went to sleep in 8hrs he'll be up to make sure channel stays up and fixed.

    As you probably know recent event and drama had invaded our forum. I'm personally am not looking to blame anyone. I would just like to share my thought and my final request.

    lqA0IKA.pngThis was an email sent to me 3 Days ago. When I read this email I agree full-wholehearted with the message in the content. I need all of you guys to think why both project exist. Why it serves the same purpose in the end. I just want you guys to follow the example our community are trying to set. I know there will be people that can't let the past be gone, But I want you guys to remember we are all human. Forgive each others ignorance and let it end. With Pre-Open beta nearing soon let's open up a new chapter for DBO Community, A better Community.

    Thanks, and best wishes to you all.

    It could be possible, I could handle the 3D-Mesh / Texturing part, all you guys need is someone who can import the edited stuff back ingame, I mean I found some coding for some tools used to extract the 3d meshes and unpack the game, maybe with some reverese coding someone you compile the new stuff ingame, just a thought

    We'll look into it. I already have a repacking tool however it is only capable of replacing files not adding new ones. So would have to replace a dogi in its place.

    Even I had the Same Question in mind!
    Others who have tried this game so far, founders and non-founders! Was the game completely in English? or was it more like the English Patch from Korean Version? I havnt heard anything abt it yet!

    English will be the Primary language? or How does it work?


    Most of the game will be in english as for the quest some will be in english others will have to be translated. Our translation team which only consist of 2 people at the moment are working on it.

    When starting the Pre-Open Beta?


    Can we download the game now or is going to be another version?

    we have to do something special to play or we all can?

    how much time you estimate is going to be open this pre-beta?

    Until Open beta start

    The remaining bugs for example quest and others who are on the dev server will be fixed before the pre open beta?

    Both, before and after.

    Good Evening..

    You said that "The Pre-Open Beta Test will last until we complete Dungeon, TLQ, TMQ, and other important System."

    • Does that mean that we will be able to experience Dungeons,TLQ and TMQ during the time period that Pre-Open Beta is open or are we going to see them fully operational only on Open Beta?

    • If that happens, will the changes for working Dungeons,TLQ and TMQ move onto the dev-test server?
    • Will the dev-test server be online during the time period that the Pre-Open Beta is also online?

    You may experience Master Class and other system. Plan is to complete the game during this Pre-open beta phase moving onto open beta when TMQ,TLQ,UD all works.

    Your char will get wipe. Everyone will.

    will shenron be able give more then just one wish


    My biggest concern is fighting over characters names :) Could be please know the wiping schedule I will take off work haha

    Pre-open beta character will be wipe, you could wait till Open beta which will have no wipe and keep your names.

    Yup, Also I believe a couple forum member made some video guide on how to do the whole process of getting into Dev Server.

    However I can't seem to find the link anymore. Thanks to our active community though I'm sure someone will post the link here shortly.

    Although its a simple process. Buy founder pack on dbog website > send account info to daneos on the forum, then wait > get access to dev section > download ipconfig file > login play.

    The OG Patcher had the ability to rename all chinese text to Hex/ID. You'll need to use window 7 with the dbocom patcher to get it to work. If you want to do translation work just apply by pming me. we'res till doing it but slowly only me and usamrana are working on the project at this moment.

    I tried that but it wouldnt work. it patched the game with the original dbocom translations but after i put my file in there and renamed it translations.txt and patched it, the game crashed and i had to use my backup of DBOG to fix it. Also the file is identical to the original translations, except it has my added translations. it worked with the original DBO. is it possible its because of the game already being translated partially?

    EDIT: patching the game once with my .txt file works and so doesnt the option in the patcher to show the ID names and numbers but after exiting and re-entering the game none of the options work and most NPC names are reverted to chinese, even after patching again. Also, is there a way to remove the default translations?

    Your patching it wrong. I'll make a guide later.