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    I remember back In POB we had a huge discussion about Level 33 stones. I can’t remember the verdict, but I want to say that they were going to be held off in being released.

    PaymentWall was wonky for me at times. Perhaps this is why Daneos made the executive decision to cut ties with it. Although, it could be a number of different issues that wasn’t working out IE. Service, technical issues...etc. My Credit card didn’t work majority of the time, I could only cash through paymentwall if I used the Amazon method.

    Certainly there will be a work around for some of you!

    Losing to SKs all the time? Maybe change your strategy or make another class/race more suited for the job. If you don't feel like doing that, then get good at the class you made. Any class can wreck a class, it's just how you use it. If you're expecting to 1v1 an SK as a fighter and plan to 1 hit KO him good luck. Not a brilliant strategy unless your gear OP af. The classes that are best at beating SKs don't require killing them.

    The cap is level 45. If you actually started to put effort into the game now you could have plenty of resources later on at later caps. Would you rather

    This is false, by the way. Don't ignore obvious imbalances and few bugs that hinder certain class strong-suits, regardless of the Level cap. It's optimal that these issues are addressed as early as possible. Makes me wonder, are you the type of guy who says "git-gud" to anyone who points out an outstanding issue? Asking for a friend.

    You're being dismissive of the OP's opinion, therefore we cannot take you serious either.

    Lets be real.

    If you're someone who wants to keep the u70 stones, then I HAVE to ask, why do you want them so early? (rhetorical question). It gives you an ADVANTAGE during the games climax stage. Stop pretending that it's the fact that you spent money and you should keep your item. you'll be refunded, relax.

    Half of you don't want to be refunded in any shape or form because you know that this will be a game changer for YOU and any other person who has loads of money to blow on DBO. It's unethical for people who thought were going to have a somewhat equal race to the top.

    We've done all of this work to make DBO a clean slate and people will go out of their way to defend the one thing that WILL cause a disturbance in the intended course of action. Foolish.

    saying that if i disagree with you makes me the bad guy wow you need to lighten up and listen to arguments as yours is just your opinion not the absolute valid truth because maybe me or someone else have other opinions which we put thought into and came with an answer ok? that was my opinion this is your opinion it doesent mean any of those are good or wrong they are just opinions period

    I didn't mean to offend you. I was just stating my opinion. Never said you're a bad guy.

    Feel free to disagree with me...this is a democracy by the way.

    not smart people tho who tf quits for losing 1 week of playing ?

    People who value their time.

    However, I think that the u70 stones have to be dealt with as well. There's no reason for people to stack up on stones for a cap that we don't even have access to. This is considered frivolous purchases. Refunded CP should suffice. If you disagree, you're doing it for a want to be ahead of everyone else when 70 cap does come around. This is what creates economy issues and unfair advantages for impulsive cashers.

    Instead of having to erase a character in order to recreate them, we should just create a mechanic that allows you to edit them.

    This is for those players that prefer to switch their character's appearance after a while. Or is stuck with a character they're not happy with later.

    11 hour delete time makes this process twice as annoying if it ever happens to you.

    Maybe it can cost a wish from shenron? In-game Zeni? Something.

    Worst case scenario, a few CP from the cash shop (least desirable option).

    What do you think?

    rn swordsmen is not good with crits, only with kd at lvl 54

    there’s certain ways to present swordies. The most popular way is boasting their high crit. Which is what I did. KD swords are by far the best option IMO.

    I’m really just promoting swordies. I’d love to see more of them.