What can I get from wagu ?

  • for starter wagu machine is like a casino game

    where you spend allot of IRL money for cash coins then cash coins for wagu coins ... and try your luck

    first of all you see the winner prizes there like the high ranking prize basically so you seen like 700 items there soo there is low chance you get what you want with 1 wagu coins the less the items on the wagu machine the better for winning good stuff but there is like people who waiting for remaning -200 items soo they can spend their wagu machine to win shit

    you can get random dogis random food pills auto pots

    only good ones you want to try to get is brown box and dogi balls and the U70 white stones

    the rest is not important that much since people already selling them ... but gl this is a gamble game and its makes the game p2w...

    if the U70 and dogi ball and brown box wasnt inside the wagu machine it would cost us allot more to buy those items..

    1 U70 white = 30 cash coins

    5 dogi ball = 250 cash coins i think

    50 brown box = 500 cash coins i think

    i dont remember well but yeah back when we had to buy those item for cash coins made us spend way much IRL money on this game for something like those... meanwhile now its just spend like 30 cash coins for 1 wagu coins and be lucky to get 50 brown box or 270 cash coins for 10 wagu coins and get easy dogi ball with brown box and stones even dogis... basically daneos just made it even worst for the title of p2w game..

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