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    listen here , morning sunshine , i been in this game since Toriyama Decided to smoke weed. so don't go around being Princess Trunks , he know's it was a joke. also for ur information son. i did this type of shit 3 years ago , i bet 2 times. and guess what. Bee Event is a thing now. so don't go around giving me ur FusionFall Garbage Lore about being a good guy.

    Alright then 👍.

    once again, ideas such as this is perfectly needed to help keep dbog busy again and encourage players to come back. But here is our problem, whenever an idea comes up, there will always will be one person or more that will disagree for example:

    you must be high on meth , do you see ur self , when you type the Rewards XD , you out of ur gad damn mind. 40% increase drop rate he say's. Right..

    this rude guy right here is a perfect example and ladies and gentlemen, instead of throwing insults and making yourself look like a d*ckhead like this gangster right here. How about we hear from you what “rewards” should be from these events? So then we can all agree if your terms is balance or not.

    Still CC150 auras shouldn't be there for sale, they should be to earn tho.

    agreed since that motivates players to get better to be accepted to a cc150 party for the op cc arua. And also, wasn't there a thread talking about adding daily quest which rewards you if you complete them? And tbh I think that is what this game need because if that is added, I'm sure players will come on and play dbog to get the rewards and motivate them to play.

    this thread has become a shit show between people arguing about nothing.

    I kindly request the dbog to close this forum as it just turning into a toxicfest

    Agree. If we're not going to make any good progress out of this thread and it is just an argument between who is right and who is not then there is no point having this thread up since we will not get anything out of it except with everyone making enemies of each other.

    I want to point something out about the bots, is it just me or has anyone else encountered lvl 60 bots where they log off if you come or fly near them? I encountered 3 of them now. And I can't report them because I can't record on my pc as proof because this shity pc is a Windows XP (long story short, my cousin pulled an April Fool prank on me and install XP and I couldn't change it back)

    Whoah man, what do you expect from the people from this community? That they'll behave calm and rationally and unlike literal children? You expect too much. The past 20+ comments have been about flaming lol

    I just want things to be as positive as possible and I couldn't be bothered to read all the previous post except the first one so I have no clue what everyone is complaining about but I'm just trying to stop everyone from making each other enemies.

    Hi mate, just because something was "easy" for you, doesn't mean it will be "easy" for others. Some people can spend 50+ advanced to get +12 whilst others can get success +3 every time to +12. This does not make it neither easy or hard as luck is just luck.

    For example, it took me 5 advanced stones to get +11 on my sword which seems "easy" right? Okay well after that i used 60 advanced stones and didn't go higher than +11 and ended up on +7. This just means i was unlucky... 60 stones in a row... but of course, it will eventually even out to where i get lucky on other pieces of gear. That's why i suggested a "guaranteed" upgrade suggestion in your thread.

    I hope next time you look at things logically instead of giving people like SumTingWong ammo for his weaponized autism.

    Well, I'm just trying to think of the best solution to this and I never played the TW version so I never get to know how hard it was back then, and I only played this game for 1 year, I never get to experience everything first hand like back in the TW and I'm only learning about this game from other people but yeah, you're right, I didn't look at things logically. Sigh, I'm retracting what I said on my previous post and I'm going to go back to Lostcoco idea since I did say on my thread it is better to work hard to get good gears and upgrades instead of being at the mercy of RNG 24/7 when playing this game.

    I'll make a confession, just last week, I manage to upgrade both my lvl 60 pants and stick which was both at +0 and into +12 after a few greens, purple and a bit of red, blues and white and after I made them both to +12 amd realising how easy this has become, I think I made a mistake putting all of that upgrade thread that I did and I want to say srry that I did. Although I will not agree with breaking the item like it did in tw, I would say that when you get a broken with white, it should give -6 to the gear, which will set you way back.