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    Great idea!
    Though i would add a thing like a different aura for SSJ on each level. For example lv1 is yellow ,lv2 is red , lv3 is light blue like UI or maybe just a green one would be cool as heck.
    For nameks id have to say it would be an outline of colours ? maybe the same for SSJ, or maybe a removal of top and maybe getting a tattoo ingraved on their chest?
    For majins i think it would be best to add auras as well , lv1 being pink , lv2 red/white? lv3 maybe a black one? hard to guess which one would be best without seeing them first.

    Why would you want a different aura for forms that have a set color scheme (or lack one)?

    Transformations are obviously a big thing in Dragon Ball, but I feel like Online doesn't take enough advantage of this. Something I thought of possibly doing is making a leveling system for the Race Transformations (Super Saiyan, Great Namek, and Pure Majin; Kaio-Ken isn't a transformation) that increases the more you use the form. This gives the sense of "improvement" over your CaC's skill with their form through "training." Here's how the leveling would work:


    Each time you use your transformation, you increase its skill by one point. This goes towards a meter where if you get enough points you automatically "level up" your transformation. Leveling up your form could reduce CD and EP cost (or in the case of Great Namek, boost your time duration), boost bonuses granted, and even provide some other bonuses like increased drops and such. There would be three levels, with the third level requiring more transformation usage than the second. As a way to prevent abuse of the CD mechnaic, you can also limit to how many levels you can gain within 24 hours, and once that limit is reached you must wait before leveling again.


    In addition to boosting the attributes bonuses the form grants and reducing EP/CD, you can also gain other bonuses when you level your transformation. I think this would be best used in the PvE environment as even at level 3 transformations would have too long a CD to use in stuff like Budokai. Bonuses could include boosted EXP, drops, and even a KO prevention that works once per transformation period where you're knocked out of the form instead of fainting. As a counterproductive, the forms at level one would have worst stat boosts/EP drainage (Great Namek would keep vanilla time limit at level 1) than vanilla, which helps promote leveling your form once you get it via wish.

    What your saying doesnt make sense lol. You have to grind for equips and stones around 65-70 anyway to actually be viable for end game and PvP. Theres really no other way to build resources as F2P early on(1-65) unless you cash and sell what you get to buy stones off the AH. That being said why would you then want to slow the leveling process for players who are trying to reach the end game grind?

    You can sell drops to NPCs to slowly build up zeni to buy extra stones off AH.

    Honestly, the only benefit that comes from this is clearing the leveling process faster. Instead of trying to clear your leveling process faster, take the time while leveling to build up your resources so that you are ready for lvl 70 when you do reach it.

    Honestly I would prefer to go for FOC/CON/CON on armor, Energy % on Gloves, and E.Crit Rate on Sub because all of the energy attacks will come from gloves and Fighters don't have as much E.Crit as Swordsman. I can always switch to speed weapons when speed is needed of course.