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    Please manually for God's sake!

    Btw the pets need more improvement than that, as an increase in their damage which is quite low. They need things that make Poko be the summoner he is supposed to b

    Poko suffer beta beta pre-open, because they never look at poko, logico that only this in poko will not help much my friend



    Hello people
    Although the pet needs some improvement, as atk soul, strength and speed are not working on animals, the animal's ability (awakening kami) can be altomatically,
    (Dragon God's Fury) Raising the pet's defense,
    (Rage of the Dragon God) Correcting the damage (as they are very low), and correcting the skill description,
    Pets attract monster,
    Animals attacking automatically (basic f),
    Basic skills the player has choices (if a monster attacks the animal, the animal attacks back with basic ataks) "I spent a lot of time as ( Poko S2 Race)"

    dragon ball global should follow the genre mmorpg, nowadays it's all messed up even, and there are only people asking to improve class, I think if the game should follow the base Tw, defense, skills, base damage, debuffs, being old Dbo, would not have so many problems and misfits, because I think that the game was created by people with a very advanced reasoning (dbo old), my opinion turns the game what it was before, arranges the classes (does not change the skills) , and let's see the wonder that and play the game, I can not understand how Soul and strength can be a secondary attribute ..., in fact Daniery knows much more of the game than some people who have only vote here in the forum, who know give value to people like that, spend your time wanting something better for the game ...

    It's me "Beeshop" on tw. That build was so wrong, I was trying some different build at that time.

    the question of what I saw was not his ability, but as the Poko was in the game, the poko was much better, and without speaking the animal who besides tankar still had his abilities in vision and use of his choice, nobody showed it to Daneos before shameful ... Ps: your buld I also found it strange, but each with its own ...

    1 pet at a time.

    nothing these taunt that works in mob, but taunt that works on both mob and players.

    in the dragoes have to look what they have had.

    The all kinds of buff's worked just like players. (obvious that excess of buff that and pet only).

    This idea is easily seen as bad, from anyone with a little bit of knowledge.

    Doing such change, would grant Fighters and Swordsmen a bonus of atleast 70 crit rate (70 passive + 70+ base), thus, granting the crit rate cap (80) to both these classes, same for ultimate majins who have a 70str/sol passive, granting them cap crit of both physical and energy.

    And as for any Guard change... first of all you should know that Guard was hidden changed and gives a 25% chance to block anything thrown at you, if you were to spend just 2 SP into it... 2 SP and you will block 1/4 spells thrown at you.

    Provocation, defense, guard, anti-provocation and guard break are useless in the game, some as taunts serve to steal Pve from other players, and it was not to be so. Who uses defense in the game?


    making STR and SOL stronger will not have any good impact. People will continue using DEX and FOC. Because STR and SOL is stronger, players will just get unnecessary stronger. If we want to make STR and SOL useful, we will have to nerf DEX and FOC and buff STR and SOL.

    This has to do, because the game has no defense ...

    "How do you build a property, already in search of knowing?" (first you tidy up a base and then go up to the base of the foundation that supports a whole structure), in fact, which classes have problems like poko, a karma has almost useless ability but no more attention and easier to define, as your Daniery's friend made a good suggestion, many are giving many class opinions themselves and complicated and leave the game with less balance than a balance. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Guard,Defense Rate,Counter attack, Taunt, Break guard, Soul and Strenght

    Since when only thank need lp? and don't know if you ever played the tw where we used to use great to tank.

    3k lp made a huge difference in dojo and pvp.

    Unless you want to keep poko as a cc buffer

    yes, but it does not fit 3k of lp max, if you have a pet, and the game is no longer the same as the TW if he arranges the animal as the topic people are talking about lp max will serve to tankar? The TW was never the right place, but a base to be improved, so I thought it better to have FC instead of LP rs.

    Look at this passives, poko passive take 4 points, when other classes usually take 2-3, so reduce the soul passive to 3.

    Poko buffs 4 and 5 when you can see dende and turtle with 2-3.

    To make the summon playable, change the summon cast to 0.5 and 3 points, kami's awakening to 3, with lv 3 giving you the summon skill control. Kami's determination to 3 and belief to 3.

    a thing to change in the poko, alves his passive master, instead of giving lp max, a focus in place would be cool.

    then give the pets Taunts taunts that can affect mobs and players so in pvp they won't focus on killing the poko instead of the pets , or give a buff that is activable only with pets that make the poko even tankier ! poko isn't like other classe's he's hard really hard to balance

    The whistle was to attract animals to the Poko animal, the animal was much stronger and tanker, not to mention that the animal has skill slots, which are buff, damage ability and passive itself, as in the description of each animal, a high level of energy and the other tank defends more, helping the Poko depending on the situation, now the animal is playing what resets in the time of the abilities, but it hinders that helps.

    everyone is talking about pets buff without giving any idea how it's supposed to bee ?

    i think that giving him additional reflect buff that is stackable with the original one could bee great also make the 2 prevents skills stackable , the energy crit certical buff bby 13 gives 46 p attack what if it gives 100 e.attack ?

    poko and a summoner, if he repairs he has the ability to prevent a fatal damage so that animal set has more imfluencia in pve or pvp


    poko has strange buffs called "kamis Determination" 63 atk physical 16 add crit hit rate energy, could be 63 energy, animal I think it should follow a% of poko since in a status has a physical part and part energy (poko), physical animal tank would follow the physical part, animal energy would follow part energy over a 30% poko '-'

    poko would have a pve improved with his pets, but his animal is weak in case I see poko using it with a tank and the other that a purple dragon, it would be with an improved atk, yes it really should be so, although the animal has its own abilities, it should be in its abilities, I do not see them and it is using randomlyX/

    poko was to have an improved pve with his pets, but his animal is weak in case I see poko using it with a tank and the other that a purple dragon, it would be with an improved atk, yes it really should be so , although the animal has its own abilities, it should be in its abilities, I do not see them and it is using randomly

    So you want to increase his speed ability, that's really bad and cheap, poko is a summoner, improve his pets so people starts using him as a summoner

    but his animal is weak in the case I see poko using it with a tank and the other that a purple dragon, it would be with an improved atk, yes in fact it should be so, although the pet had his own abilities, it was to be in his skill slots, I do not see them and he's using random