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    you mean auktion house? you need to be lvl 30

    X/ no , BID 3 BID 4

    Q : Where do I get rings?

    A : Superior rings drop commonly from mobs, while Excellent and Rare rings are obtainable through Mudosa machines.



    What does programming and game developing have to do with your bullshit and desperate cry because you don't wanna lose your lvl52 character?

    If im crying what the hell are you doing here, you are the only who cry because i dont think like you want to think. Is very pathetic to use as an argument `` you are level 52'' that has nothing to do with the hours and work invested behind, even everything that could be invested previously, really mature,think and uses valid arguments, but it is like discussing with child. What does it have to do to know about programming, or game development? of the topic that is all about, I really do not know if someone like you has a stone instead of a brain, , because you have no coherence when speaking.

    This is getting old. We had a fair vote (despite the massive amounts of fake accounts made) for a wipe and wipe won. Get over it. I have two lvl 70 characters with good/decent gear that I spent hours working on, and I still voted for wipe. Am I sad that I'll lose the amount of progress I put into my characters? Yes. Do I think it is worth the sacrifice for a better restart? Yes. If you're not happy with the results, then play another game. It's that simple.

    Wow you are getting boored are you all robbots who say the same, no one have own thinkings?

    You have no rights to speak about +15 things etc. when you are lvl52. That's my perception of both PVE/PVP, and I don't talk bs and fake news, I know what I'm talking about, so stop crying already, wipe will happen, it's your decision whether you want to quit or not.

    You know really what time i played? you really know what ammount of characters i leveled up before first reset? i love when people speak without any info. You know how much people i meet with 60 lvl characters? So easy try to say things you dont know. You know about programming? game developing? C languaje?

    Al aire libre

    Discord who ask phone nunmber, not all got phone number, and you are doing the same you say, if u dont like it others explain their opinion just leave. your argues are bullsh*t too, i wanna think what you like because you like. please mature. People like you, makes me to get out forever of this game, you are the law right? is time to get out this game.

    Stop reading and taking only what is for your interest, to try to discredit me, those atacks i gonna ignore because is just lose time. There is so much people he doenst use forum, so these people who plays is comunnity too ok? If u arent in forum you can see this what you all time mean it. It irritates so much someone gives their opinion. You say so much about those people who makes posts similar like me ragging, but the only who are getting ragging actitude here with me are you boys. If u go to say something take your time to read and think, and then speak. Is funny you try to give me a lesson saying if i read this post or other, when you dont read half of my post. Most of the comunity is your invention to justificate that what you like. There is more comunity there isnt in forum, you ask then? you count with all real players ingame? because here can vote people they never played and just opened game for 5 minutes, is than easy to create forum account and dont have game account.

    These anti wipe posts are getting old real fast, it was already polled , a lot of people who were against it even went and made multiple accounts. There is absolutely no need for any more of these posts. This is individuals trying to force their personal agenda. It has been discussed, the questsions have been answered , the reasoning has been provided. Just another person who doesn't accept it and thinks their wants are greater than the larger portion of the population who voted yes legitimately which makes no sense. Stop pushing, it's happening like seriously

    Can u calm down boy? we readed you already. And what to see this with multiple accounts? you can restrict for ip for example there most of solutions, you only try to trash my post, so please stop copy pasting same message, you see bad multiple accounts, but multiple same message?. Instead continue speaking, you only throw your stone trying to get this post closed, and me forgived, but no, sorry, i nothing to be with those people you speak, post or forums related history.

    You say you didn't sleep to reach lvl52? And? In Open Beta, I have like 2k hours of playtime, 4 characters lvl60 and 3/4 lvl45+, I spent a lot of time gearing too. So you're not the only one who spent time to do something in the game. People who voted for wipe also did spend time to achieve something, to level, to gear, etc, btw, game is going to be wiped because everything that happened in Pre-Open Beta happened in Open Beta again, people have +15 gears because of bugs/exploits, so the best solution is wipe, but after all the bugs are fixed (at least most of them), and when the client is finished and playable

    You really dont understanded what i say, or just read what is for your interesting, i didnt say i didnt sleep for lvl 52 for more things, but get this discuss is useless, think what you like, the important here is the time i wasted playing, dont care in what. 4 years before we continue with this... we get full game when young boys become old mans? I dont know if there are bugs or exploits to +15 but u can get legit too.. is just get lucky with stones game. And what makes you thing this dont gonna happen again and again? i think better is get your + 15 and dont be jelousy from other players. For that he read all and answer all because you miss important things. Your reason resume is, because others want wipe, i dont have any rights to explain my opinion. The next who says that things like dont readed all, i wont answer i wont lose more time answering things you can read.

    Al aire libre

    These anti wipe posts are getting old real fast, it was already polled , a lot of people who were against it even went and made multiple accounts. There is absolutely no need for any more of these posts. This is individuals trying to force their personal agenda. It has been discussed, the quests have been answered , the reasoning has been provided. Just another person who doesn't accept it and thinks their wants are greater than the larger portion of the population who voted yes legitimately which makes sense.

    Really you dont undersntand me. I dont know about others, old post, or this forum history, i got my opinion and i make public, if u dont like it, just ignore it.

    Al aire libre

    Okay ,i'm definitely no expert on programing or game making and stuff (i'm going to study oil and gas engineering) and i know you said that i can trust you,but the fact is that members of development team and some other knowledgeable people said that those changes require wipe, again i'm sorry,but i will have to trust them over you.

    As for your friends ,i don't wanna get into your personal reasons ,but if they wanna say something,they should do it themselves.(i'm aware that not everyone speaks english,it's not my native language either ,but they gave no effort in expressing their opinion on such important matter which makes me think that they either don't exist (jk) or don't really care :/).I'm in even worse state than i was eariler,so i'll have to quit discussion now while i'm still making some sense,cya!

    Btw,losing your progress all the time is a common thing for many games and community vote is directly conected to solving game troubles ,so it is the same thing after all.You said that you like to help new players ,so now i would be even more sorry if u left....this game needs more nice and helpfull people ,u shoud keep up the good work!;)


    I try to numerate answers:

    1.- We are 2 experts on programing, we released a fix for launcher. You can trust on who you want, there is no problem, but i know what i mean.

    2.- When you like i can invite you to my some friends (there arent all, but you got like 7 players to speak, those who use discord, rest no) discord server, and ask. I dont need to say this things if there are fake. Most of then dont speak english, only spanish, and they are than noob i maked accounts for him, so imagine open a post etc etc... For that reason i speak for me and all my friends, because iam the only with my other friend who speaks english and know about computer things.

    3.-When you got 15 years and all life can be not important, because you have time to do again, im my case, old man case, time is so important. I never has a game they reseted all, and does nothing to really get rewarded from trouble.

    4.- If u can question how my some friends got dbo and account and discord, is because we installed and setting all throug teamviewer, they only now what app open.

    La mayoría de las personas cuentan con un numero de teléfono. La verdad no veo una hostilidad de parte de Santo, mas bien algo de ironia, ante la falta de información en los comentarios que hiciste.

    La falta de informacion es aparte de la opinion, y creo que estoy expresando mi opinion, es mas tu mismo dijiste que estabas de acuerdo con ella, yo en ningun momento he exigido ni he pedido nada, solo mostre mi opinion, si crees que la manera adecuada es responderme con ironia y mas por parte de un miembro del staff, perdoname pero no lo veo correcto, ya que es la cara publica.

    Sorry because i resume all in some words, but changes not necessary need a reset, you can import database. Im not begginer doing this things but... iam not the owner, but u can trust me i know what i mean when i say game changes/patches dont affect to database. I readed all and im satisfied you do it the same and had patiente to read all my post and try to answer all. You've been so respectfull dont worry. Thanks for your reply and time. This has been only for community vote, no for game troubles. In fact my friends all play and none use the forum or discord but they think like me and they took me to open this post, I'm not only giving my opinion but a few more players. Sorry for edit 40 times, but all time i see some new to say, the alst time i deceided get out of game is because, i play to complete all game and conserve it, join to help friends/new players or play only for fun, like i do with all my old games, and with resets is impossible.

    Discord inaccesible? Para nada los datos que puede llegar a pedir son tonterías. Respecto al reset no podrias tener mas razón, fue una decisión pésima la que tomó la comunidad, pero es lo que hay. Respecto a Santo, es tal vez el mejor miembro del staff, siempre esta disponible para brindar ayuda y se codea con la comunidad mas de lo que cualquier otro miembro lo hace. Pero retomando el wipe, la gente que votó por el si en su mayoria lo hizo porque creen que los bugs iban a desaparecer (cosa que no va a pasar) otros solo porque querian joder a las personas +15 y otros porque creain que si ganaba el no; Daneos no iba a soltar el nuevo cliente. Y de hecho Santo fue de los pocos del staff que promovía el no. Los unicos responsables del wipe somos los miembros de la comunidad.

    Pide numero de telefono verificado, que hago si no tengo numero de telefono para verificar en discord? Es el unico server y conozco mas de 100 (actualemte dentro de unos 50) que ha implementado el ultimo nivel de seguridad de discord. Nunca le culpe a santo directamente de esto, sino de responderme de una forma un poco hostil, algo que no deberia ser una caracterisitca de un mod, sino lo que tu dices de el amabilidad, sin embargo yo no pude hayar eso en sus respuestas hacia mi.