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    Issue has been fixed.

    Use the dboglauncher to update your game client.

    Daneos , It may be a bug , but it is bug like this who make SOMETIMES the game better , or at least give us idea...

    Majins are able to stretch they're body part so maybe we could think about this possibility in game since Majins(except ultimate) are realy weak regarding other classes..

    I think it is better and has more logic if you can not target at all a majin who use the dead skill . You chara is just thinking that his opponent is dead ...

    it can make the majin espace for many situation like a fighter with full speed targetting him when he is confused etc etc

    Confusion goal is to make you unable to use skills and to have a smooth character control , even so , you can decide if you want to follow ans hit the target with melee or juste stop and wait until you are not confused anymore , It s good because your choice will depend on your situation and your gear . As a fighter , using speed when you are perma confused vs a lucky karma is what make you have a challenge vs him.

    Regarding the crafting, you will spend more zeni by crafting than you could ever earn back by selling it.

    Since it is way better to get legendary drop gear, people will simply use TMQ or world map drop legendary, since that will be the best thing to use in general and it will cost less than craft since you have better chance to drop it than to craft it.

    Regarding the props, props are not RNG! Advantage of attributes could be removed so it only be "cosmetic" if that pains you, but then again with N prop feature added back ( it bypass props ) , props in PVP wouldn't be any problem for squishy classes, since they would deal epic dmg.

    Look , it is simple buisness , if the stuff become harder to craft , so the price will rise.

    And nah , no one can drop tmq set directly before doing the craft one in the new client server.

    I m not sur , but i think daneos saied that he will rise the difficulty of the pve system , you can no longer solo tmq7 or do it with a random gear ( i think , i m maybe wrong )

    So if Daneos decide to do it this way , the craft system will be woth the buy/cost because it will let you farm the tmq, set as a 1.0 set , and then farm CC.

    Edit : about the prop :

    The prop is the thing who let you one shot an human in pvp , let's be honest Iceman , i want you to tell me one game beside DBO who let you one shot your oppenent in pvp when he has the same gear as you... I was able to one shot everything and even nameks when i was playing fighter, it was cool but sometimes the opponent doesn't have any chance to replay. I m with Daneos if he finds something worth the change, let's try.

    And prop is random at the point that you can't scan your oppoenent on rank etc , so you can't change set to face him as egual or to destroy the prop STAB.

    Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha , wipe your mouth there is some rest.

    Should we stop criticize a president , because we are not a president , or we are not on the national assembly ?

    Daneos work was to care about this project , he mad an engagement with his community and we all know what happen , after all that , you are still defending him ? Let me question you something , if Daneos was wondering for help , do you think it cost REALY TO MUCH to pay another developper with all the money he mad ? Okay i will shut up , no need to talk about old memeories anymore.

    I m not trying to defend Iceman , he is right about some stuff , but im with daneos about the prop thing and the craft stuff.

    Craft : If we go to the market , we can see full market of crafted stuff sometimes higher then + 10 , sometimes price are very very frindly , even a novice can purchase them. Making it harder to get , will make them more precicous . Making them more precisous give crafters possibility to gain more money from their work and will see less people with full con28 on plat.

    About the prop thing : I m ok with daenos if he only finds something worth to change , i don't like the prop system , i think personaly that prop is sometimes rng , in rank etc , you can't scan , you can't change set, it is random.... If Daneos find something worth the change , why not ?

    Aggro system : I m with Iceman , wtf it is worth now hahahahhahha , why he can't make it depend on first aggro ? And for superBosses and higher he can change the code to make it on dmg...

    Sorry for the english : I hope i was clear , at some point at least.

    Very good work.

    Before , i was one of the first person criticizing your work and joking on you those last 9 mouths.

    But i m able to notice a good work and i thank you about the changes you mad.

    I love when you saied '' we must act to make dbo like modern game we have now , so we need to make big changes , not smalls one ''

    Also , we need to find a solution about the one shot system, No one should be able to one shot a player same lvl then him EVEN if he crit and have a high upgrade weapon , so we need to fin a solution about fighter and make the fighter , i mean , more '' tacticale''

    In another case , we need to find a solution about speed parties , but it is impossible to remove this option , because classes like Karma will have 0 utility because they are not designed to DPS like other classes do , they do need speed , so maybe make restrection for them and only let 2 chara use speed on a party...Without speed , it will be better , harder .... People were able to make a tee or a cafee and afk attacking the boss wat kind of pve is that ? I m sur you already know about this issue so i hope you will fix it soon , good work.

    That s good , but the only point i don’t agree with you is the upgrade system,i mean, we can make it harder okey but we need to find how limit cashers advantage... A f2p who will broke will need to farm again to have his stuff AND THAT S HOW IT SHOULD WORK. But a casher will buy more u70.... So i advise you to think again about the suggestion i mad in the anotver thread xD let s make it ok for everyone.

    I don't see a real issue with multi-clienting. You can transfer items and train alts, that's really it.

    With multiclients , teamplay is dead , you go ud5 with your 5 charas , very fun.

    there is always a way to use multiclient .. either with sandbox or just by using another computer ... it's pointless to remove that feature ... and about the new players .. new players will come always and they will be always in disadvantage comparing to others .. as i said before ... ideal solution in the case of wipe would be the LVLUP 60 for all people who reached lvl 60 and LVLUP30 for those who reached lvl 30 ... and it will be up to the players if they want to use it or no

    Of course , new players will always have disvantage, but in this case it s different because the disvantage will be based on corruption.... Multiclient / Zeni sellers / bug etc...

    Wipe is not the way. The way is detect and ban those accs who used exploits and bots. Honestly I already leveled like 4 accounts 3 times (DEV server, Pre open beta and now this). What is the purposse of leveling another if anytime can come another wipe? Again and again .. the solution is to punish the cheaters not the whole community. The votation will never be fair even if the wipe wins. As you can see almost half of the community doesn't want the wipe and still will get punished because of the addicted guys who spend their days in the platform and getting killed by the +15 guys. You want a wipe ? Delete all the items return cash and cya. DON'T RESET LEVELS. Even if it's "easy" to level up it takes time. And some of us who are already gwon up we can't get home and spend the day behind the screen addicted to leveling.

    Another possible solution is to add LVL UP not 30 but 60. And it will depend on everyone if he will use it or sell it.

    So currently you are NOT against a wipe , you understand that we need a wipe , but your probleme is lvling.

    You seem adult person and i see no need to argument with you about how much the game is shit right now , because of bots , buggers and because of fu*king kids who think hacking in a game without any security is something awesome.

    About the lvling , you need to understand that new players , who will come after the wipe will be disadvantage because , us , we used to lvl up our charas with multi client , so it s why we have this amount of chara . For new begnniers , they will be no multiclients and it s a very good thing. I think we need to do this fresh restart , everyone will be egual , no more bugs , no more multiclient , no more wagu machine... All people saying they will drop the game after the wipe , i bet my hant they will still play.

    man wow what stupid argument here, well since lv 60 players was playing the game until now is just fair they can build a new gear quickly duh, u too if u play it and even if you are a lv30 u will farm quikly a gear for the next lv gear. So what is that stupid argument ? is a natural thing from a mmorpg game, u do not reset priston tale or perfect world because a new player come in a high lv world because the game has years online.

    Look , idk your point , but i m pretty sur , that you are understunding me but you pretending that you didn't xD

    We all here used to lvl up with multiclients who was a very big mistake , and with the new update multiclients will be disabled so we will have HUGE advantage compare to the new players, we will have more chara already high lvls , our buffers ready for farm... Beside this , people who already have lvl 60 charas will dominate the game and farm areas and people who had 5 lvl less will have difficulty to get stuff + rush higs lvls and farm.

    You need to understand that the new client give this game a chance to survive , and , for sur , Daneos need to seize this chance.

    I invite you to read the post i wrote in the other thread about suggestion for upgrade system ^^ . I will quote it , i think it s better then a random rng .

    Make it hard , like you want , but for everyone . No one should be able to rush +15 with 3/ stones ^^

    I don t agree with you , people who had high lvls chara will be avantaged because they can farm a new gear faster then others so they can will get stronger in short amount of time , everyone who had a lot of 60 lvls charas used multi client to lvl up them , understand that we need a fresh start understand and admit it . But , about resating chara to lvl 1 and keep the unsurnames would accepteble and ok

    I just lose all hope in this community , when i was chatting on dbog server about a wipe , a content creator from dbog just '' tried '' to bash me in discord and later she tried to ban me and to return moder against me from the other dbo project , because she doesn't want a wipe , she called me selfish , and she abuses her power in discord to shut me up , anyways .

    Guys who don't want a wipe , you are also free to give a solution , you saying so much blablablabla but i don't see any argument or any real solution.

    Only arguments i see : '' Ninininini don't wanna lvl up again '' '' Ninininini my stuff i wil loose it nonono''

    And 85% of them don't even have an op set , the majority of people who have an op stuff want a wipe and you can see it in the other thread with the pool closed by gm.

    People already have 13 lvl 70 equipement , some + 15 , a lot of + 15 lvl 60....

    Remember it guys , a stick lvl 60+ 15 can one shot a sk + 12 lvl 70 and can easly one shot other race even if they have + 14 :)

    Server wipe is for retarded newbie people, meanwhile, True players are going through all the shit only to get the efforts ruined by the democracy of an Playass dumb retarded who wants a wipe, because mediocrity

    I m sur that i m more stuffed then 99.99% of the people you talking about even you drama boi , a wipe is necessary or ok i don t care go play a game with chinas with their 25 acc + 15 izi and don't cry when they bash kill you . Maybe you are one of this people who bug etc so you don't realy mind a wipe :/

    we can try to make this game be for seasons, every year the game is reset and the classes modified and balanced, just like in games like league of legends, because let's agree that 1 year is enough for you to stay strong fight budokai dojo etc ... the game gets annoying after you do everything in it, then resetting each year causes you to choose another class to be main in the next year; That's just an idea that might be cool.

    xD , yeah ofc , league of legend is an mmo now , yeah ofc let's loose all the stuff we gained from 8 mouths grindling and start a new chare why not , smh .

    Ok sorry but you are retardet , of course, it is obvious that if a wipe will happen Daneos will increase the game security with the new client , we can tho start with a new fresh base , with the players who will join and others who will come back .Agree 90% with Smugting, but i don't agree with giving back the borken option , i stay on my point that the RNG must be deleted and be remplaced with a rank system , if you need i will quote my other message in the new upgrade system topic ^^

    xD yes I do , just I don't love the idea about decreassing the exp from world map to make it egual to the exp from quest , but I m ok to improve the quest system to make it egual to grind

    In the case where RNG are delete.

    (Sorry for the english guys )

    1 - Making the upgrade system more rewarding for people who used to spend time in farm.

    How ?

    -Stones drop rate can stay the same.

    - Making an npc where you can trade blue / red stones for purple and green stone.

    - You can no longer obtain stones from the cash shop.

    - Adding a Dungeon , or a tmq , where you have 100% chance to drop a purple/ green in the end of this tmq (must be hard and requier teamplay,

    can be finish from a team who have second cap equipement OR a very huge good teamplay )

    - Adding a NPC where you can trade medals you obtain from tmq/UD vs some purples/greens

    2 - Delete the RNG.

    - Making a cap for each upgrade.

    Exemple : You will use 5 red stones to obtain + 5 weapon.

    Next , you should use 4 purples to obtain + 6

    Next , you should use 8 purples to obtain + 7

    Next , you should use 10 purples to obtain + 8

    Next , you should use 13 purples to obtain +9

    Next , you should use 16 purples to obrain + 10

    First cap : 51 purples for + 10. No RNG in the upgrade system.

    The numbers of purples should be synchronized with , diffuculty of dungeons , drop rates in dungeons , etc.

    Next , we will have the second cap , where you will need more stones then the first cap.

    , you should use 18 stones to obtain + 11

    you should use 30 stones to obtain + 12

    , you should use 40 stones to obtain + 13

    , you should use 80 stones to obtain + 14

    , you should use 160 stones to obtain + 15

    Second cap : 328 purples for another + 5, yeah it will be hard , + 12 and higher will be master race and will be obtained by the hard farmers and player who used to spend time in the game .

    A TOTAL OF 379 stones to reach + 15

    In this case , ALL people will be egual and you will no longer have any reason to be afraid from the upgrade system , it will be hard , but you will have different ways to get stones,People who use to be hard cashers/buggers will no longer have this advantage , F2P and Cashers will be ALMOST egual. You want your aura and + 15 ? Work for it.

    I will no give suggestion about the case where the RNG is no deleted , I used to hate RNG and I wil not prupose anything about it .

    Edit : All stones from NPC and The dungeons must be account bound.

    Nah , you almost saying that quest are more important then Dangeons in MMORPGS, in allmost all MMOS , Hard dungeons are ALWAYS best EXP and stuff giver , farming hard dungeons with a team always reward more then quest , okey , give me 1 exemple of 1 MMORPG who dungeons are less rewarding then quest xD. I told you the people who think like me agree about improving quest BUT YOU DON'T NEED TO DECREASS DUNGEONS IMPORTANCE TO MAKE QUEST BETTER. Exp from Dungeons and world map should not be decreass, it should be increass ( for tmqs and dungeons) because in HL dungeons reward are to poor.

    Don't take it wrong , I respect you , but , you remember me this kind of people who used to decreass something to make it egual to something else while you can simply increass the second thing to make them 2 fairely egual then all people can be happy , I think that making quest better and more intractive is a very good point and I m 1500% with you. But I realy do not like your method :/ , anyway , think about it , and I'm sur that you gonna understand^^

    Edit : If you wanna talk about grind , I can prouve that in all games , grinding is better or egual toquesting ( the majority of games ) But I can agree with you , we can manage to make them egual , but not deacressing one of them to make it egual to the other one , sorry.