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    *clap clap* agree 100%

    Does anyone know if we will have to download a different client for the open beta? or do we just update from the launcher..:/:?:

    I actually had to download the game over again yesterday to use the new client. I haven't updated my game since november 2017 so i suggest you get the new client before ob

    I have plenty of things I can suggest, but here are my two biggest suggestions.

    Number one. Developers you guys should have a wiki website for dbog. The wiki website will have all the mobs, dungeons, gear etc there. This right here will let us know where and what we have to farm for certain things. So for instance I want a piece of gear and idk where its at. I can just type in the piece of gear I'm looking for and it will show up. If I look up a boss and click it on the wiki site it will show everything the boss drops. You should get my point now. Lots of mmorpgs have this.

    Number two, I think you guys should have something to turn off xp. This will let you turn off you getting xp. Some people don't want to go pass a certain level. Big example is for people who wants a char for kid budokai. You don't want to go pass level 29 because if you do you won't be able to do budokai. So people who are doing the kid budokai have to farm for gear and of course you farming (meaning you will kill mobs) you will get xp. Eventually you will level up and you won't be able to farm because you risk the chance of leveling up. So add a feature where you can turn off experience gain. That's it for now.

    the first one might take some time, however i really like the second one. you clever mah boi.

    +15 , +15 are every where also the economie is broken and just remeber that even with the current upgrade sytem there is like at least 25 guy that got the +15 i remeber in tw server 1 ii think in whole server it was liike only 5-10 person with lvl 70 item ( not full set ) it's not upgrade sytem i say it again remouve upgrade stones from the Wagu and keep only the white one to push peopole to farm to get items , stonnes

    Then we need more channels cause people farm at the best spots 24/7 ;3;

    I just want to point this out. I'm not so concerned about the update, but the reason why you are doing it, is what is wrong. If you want to stop item duplicators, buggers or hackers that do +15, then this is the wrong way to do it. As I said, if an item duplicator can duplicate items, he will simply duplicate coins to un-bind the items. If a +15 bugger or hacker gets his items binded, he can simply upgrade other items without wearing them and still scam people, which is another thing you want to stop.

    True. Hopefully they are serious about banning those people that did the same thing in pre-open beta. Otherwise i'll be very disappointed to be honest.

    Of course everyone would go against this decision and that's normal i also said if i was a player and they suddenly made this decision i won't be happy because it will make my task harder and i won't be able to skip the grinding/farming to get max gear and we are already consulted community about skills and token shop, budokai scramble and even some people said we should not consult the community.

    So you guys rather doing nothing and get gear easily without doing any effort than doing dungeons/tmq/ccbd and earn useful items and use it to improve your gear and in case you want to sell it you can use seal coins you will have enough since you did alot of PVE, even the tournament will be fair since everyone will be using their own gear.

    Look, we got a life besides dbo. It's not like i'm gonna farm 4 hours a day for one stone. Trust me, i've been there. I did this everyday til i decided i was done with farming. The droprate for stones are so bad, the upgrading system is insanley hard, and now we can't even trade our gear and accessories for more useful stats. GG