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    Did you not see the video conker sent (about candy) ? Fighter with 18% speed gloves, 26% p crit dmg stck +0 and crits 9K on +15 full prop???? Hell nah its not ok. Swordsman dealing insane crits due to this stupid prop change. And you're saying its ok. Gotta be either dumb or on drugs. ._.

    Dark Warrior.

    i didnt expect a short "one liner" i expected it to be readable

    The fu ck?

    • SK is 100% the best pvp option etc...

    this nonsense looks like its in french

    First of all, its not nonsense. Second, it was readable after all. What Syren said was very informative and if you are asking these noob questions you should read the whole post and don't complain and say thanks afterwards rather than bitching about 1 sentence that was meant for PVP and grammar. Useless attention seeking kid who has nothing better to do. Bye. :saint:

    Suppose there are 20 mobs-

    If you aggro 10 mobs, no one should be able to steal that from you, they should just find other mobs to aggro. Considering there are plenty left (10), they should just go after them, ensuring that 20 mobs are killed in total.

    Nothing much is going to change. For example now you can just let the Turtle aggro and outsmart him by casting your skill a second earlier than him. You both keep doing that and you create a battle of patience - until the other player quits or you quit. With your changes the battle of patience is going to continue. He's gonna aggro 10mobs, you're gonna aggro 10mobs and one of you will eventually quit after some time. So why do that and waste even more time? Just let the stronger players get the spot as the weaker player will quit since he isnt able to do anything, less time wasted.

    I'm saying that if a system is horribly broken in the sense that it can be abused an manipulated, then the solution would be to alter it. If mobs can be stolen easily due to a broken aggro system, which gives the culprit an unfair advantage, then yes I would indeed say something's very wrong with that, and we can think of a number of solutions.

    You're magnum opus response: Deal with it. So as to suggest that there is simply nothing at fault with the game, despite the consensus. You can defend the system, but at least try and present a valid reason showing why it's fine in it's current staet, rather than scoff at others who take issue with it.

    This is how every MMO game is afaik so people should just deal with it. If the spot gets stolen today, try tomorrow. If they do make that you cant steal anothers persons farming spot then how are they gonna get their chance to farm? Waiting for the person to quit the spot? What is that, 2h, 3h or even more? For example, you go to the toilet and another person comes in where you should be farming. Bam. Your farming spot stolen. But you cant do nothin about it since you cant steal the spot. Obviously you wouldnt want to have no chance at farming at all aswell.

    And yet another example of players who simply laugh at the struggle of others. Not even an effort to present a counter-argument... Just suggest that if players can't handle it, it's their own fault, while ignoring the obvious faults of the system.

    So by your own rationale: If a player dedicates weeks of grinding to getting 50+ green stones, and still fails to produce anything above a +10, they should simply get over it, quit their job, and spend all day grinding on a computer game to achieve as little progress as possible?

    Hm :/ you think I don't struggle? :/ the fact is that the strong players get the spot. Accept it or quit the game :evil:

    LOL "make atleast 10kk a day in sales" WHAT IS THIS? YOU CAN EASILY GET 1KKK PER DAY OF FARMING. I'm a free player and Im enjoying the game. +15 is truly hard but once you get it you will feel satisfied due to all the work you have put in. And no. Grinding stone isnt the only option. If you're patient enough and smart you can play the market.

    What? "Dedicated dozens of stones to receive even the most minor changes" Thats what the game is about. You dont get best armors in a day or two. You grind for it. Little by little you achieve it. So no. Fix the armor drops but no need to make the game too easy. The game, imo, is the easiest at the moment. I get 5-10stones in Tattered Hotel farming for 1 hour. The drops are insane now.

    Looks like you dont understand that if the game is too easy the players will quit.

    On the other hand, Daneos should make +15 items achievable from the popo box so people like you who are studying biochemistry could not move a single finger and get the best gear instantly. And what do you mean hours of grinding to receive minor rewards? What? The drops are good as they are, if not too good.

    First of all, a lot of people dont buy it. Second, a lot of people are quitting because of the poor managment from the team yet it still has more people than this game after all that.

    And by the way, you said that people would quit if the game was hard and yet BDO is almost impossible and the population is still high.

    You all who are crying because its too hard should just go quit the game. You want to get the best gear in a few days. Nope. That doesnt happen in mmorpgs, sorry.

    No I don't. But that doesn't mean other people don't aswell. All that matters is that they have a much higher population than here while being a game which is "too hard".

    "It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end." - Ursula K. Le Guin