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    That's all unreleased stuff anyone can do with a 1.69 client and running your own server. the files for it exist but no method to obtain except accessing code yet.

    Not really, you need edit client to create new items, maybe client have some models and icons, but items which use them doesn't exist. So even if you have own server it will be not enough to get these items.

    That would be an interesting implementation indeed, but I wonder if the architecture for DBO would allow for such a thing...

    Ask this guy, looks like he created items like genrer change, hair change/color change.

    But I disagree on wild attack property, because for example, the wild property will only increase damage over wild,

    In this respect the properties as a whole are better. (Practically nobody uses jacket wild, so it does not make sense to get damage over wild)

    Will attack property is supposed to match with your weapon not oponent's armor, if your weapon is wild then wild attack will work. At least this is way how it worked in TW, DBOG is different in that aspect?

    70lvl Rare item have 22400 points to distribute, each stat cost some points
    Cost of options you ask and some others in table:

    Stat Required points
    Con/Str/Foc/Eng/Sol/Dex 800
    Recover %LP/%EP 1020
    Attack speed 1020
    Hit rate 102
    Dodge 204
    Cooldown 1020
    Crit % damage 819
    Phys/eng Attack 409
    Curse Success 102
    Curse tolerance 204
    Phys/eng Crit rate 2040
    DoT time down 408
    Stun time down 408
    Phys/Eng reflect 2040

    To get max available stat you have to take item points and divide by attribute cost for example 70lv rare (22400) and con:
    22400 / 800 = 28 max
    For %LP recovery:
    22400 / 1200 = 21,96 but it is rounded up down so max 21% LP recovery

    For those who wondering about 70lvl legendary, it have 27230 points

    I hope it helps u and others.

    we're not going to invest our time into doing anything that isn't related to farther advancing Development on the game. We only got 1 full time dev which work full time on creating progress. If we stop him and make him create something for you guys to play on dev server that defeat the purpose of actually completing the game.

    Hmmm I just still think it's a impossiblity just because Daneos mention the cap for defence is around 35k. Even with best gear and armor your looking at 15-20k defence at best. 65k is way out there.

    Ok, lets calculate it:
    Defense Breath - 614 phys def
    Miraculous Protection - 545 energy def
    Hardering Breeze - 167 energy def
    Kami's Escort - 638 both def
    Dragon's Protection - 1788 both def

    Physical: 614+638+1788 = 3040
    Energy: 545+167+638+1788 = 3138

    3138 energy def is already enough to get 65k (max) def, 3138 x4(GN pot) x10(candy) is over 125k with no equipment
    This namek mele set i used had +/- 2.1k defence when +0, +15 makes it like 2.1k + 2.1k*2.07 = +/- 6447 defence
    [ 6447(equip) + 3040(buffs) ] x4(GN pot) = 9487x4 = 37948, add now turtle's book which increase def by % and you have around 50k.

    Cap for defence is 65535, you can ask Daneos :)

    Lol, it is NOT edited, thats real screen.
    - I used full mele defence gear as you can see in my eq. (I don't remember well, but i think it was full +15 ticket)
    - Great namek potion = def x4
    - All possible defence buffs, including DW's "Dragon's Protection"
    - Ultima's "Candy Beam" = energy defence x10! Thats why i have maximum energy def (2^16 - 1 = 65535)
    - Turtle book which increase def too

    For me, the higher level crafting must be more rewarding, because there was no point on maxing your crafting skills...

    Level 30 craft allows you to craft really strong armor set especially for namek.
    Currently there is no point to reach higher crafting level than 30, i think higher levels will be needed for higher level crafting (rising level cap).

    What do you think about new crafting recipes with similar items like now but with legendary grade, these recipes would be available only for high craft levels. Now we have:
    30lvl recipe which give 20% rare/80% excelent 70lvl items. My suggestion:
    35lvl recipe which give 10% legend, 30% rare 70lvl, 60% excelent items.
    Same for 5,10,15,20,25 lvl recipes.

    W sumie moim skromnym zdaniem czyli co nie znaczy że tak będzie chcą zrobić nam mały prezent pod choinkę . Cóż przekonamy się czy moja teoria się sprawdzi :P

    Wiele od ostatnich testów się nie zmieniło. Conajwyżej otworzą serwer na parę dni.

    1. Kaioken should turn off after character goes "near dead" state (character becomes red, i believe it is less than 20% LP)
    2. Kaioken should be stackable, LP drain should be multipled by used kaiokens, attack should remain same as 1x kaioken but critical rate(chance) should be increased (multipled by kaioken stack or you can make new formula for it).
    3. More SP in kaioken = less LP/EP drain and higher stats boost. Oryginal DBO has:

    • 20% attack bost for 1SP
    • 25% attack bost for 2SP
    • 30% attack bost for 3SP

    4. SSJ, GN, Kid buu should turn off when EP = 0
    5. "No default LP/EP regen while being transformed." WTF? How then we can use transformations with no EP regen. Regen should remain same as no-transformation state.
    6. "LP, EP and attack range is not gained at stage 2." - don't understand. Kaioken doesn't give LP,EP and attack range.

    "I hated the fact that Kaioken can go OFF easily in Martial Artist classes (Fighter, Swardman) because both classes didn't have the EP a player would wish for."
    Kaioken is still ON even when your EP goes to 0.

    adrian on fire  Vegetto
    I think you played another game if you say that game was balanced.
    DBO was most unbalanced game i even seen.

    Idea is good, DB based mmorpg should be more dynamic than DBO is.
    But sadly it is not gonna happen, it is more than "giving the devs too much work".
    Also it would be huge change, some people wants to play same game as it was without drastic changes.