Server Maintenance 02/11/2018

Server Maintenance finished. The server is online.

Hello everyone,

There will be a server maintenance today at 11:00pm CEST.

Estimated duration 20 - 30 minutes.

Patch Notes: Patch Notes - November 2nd 2018



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    1. hello I do not know where to contact me? is the game going on now? I can not play the game not with windows 7 and not synonymous with windows 10 at the game patch is always error jit debugging error?
  • Patch Notes: 02/11/2018

    Fighter High Speed Needle and Super High Speed Needle increased cooldown to 50s

    Nerfed Storm and Thunder. Thunder will increase Attack Speed by 20%, attack 5% and movement speed;
    Storm State Damage 80 no chance of confuse target.

    Dark Warrior reduced physical/energy attacks, Defenses and LP

    Shadow Knight increased Energy Attack, Defenses and LP
    Bold Strike do 250% Bleeding Damage every 10seconds (lv 1), increased duration to 20s and cooldown decreased 8s

    #Humor #Joke

  • ssj 2 pfv

  • i hate the fighter now

  • i hope, nerf fighter again. Like old times

  • *Patch Notes: 02/11/2018*

    Nerf: Rybo and Syren activity.
    Buff: Iceman Bank account soo he don't need to work much.

    Balance: EsDeath look, soo that Iceman act normaly and not as HENTAI.

    Bug Fix:

    Hardlock needle now instant kill players without activating their auto pots.

    • i hope they fix the bug e.e

    • Bug is fixed indeed.

    • alguem me ajuda so br e n to consseguindo entrar no servidor aparece so um server na lista de servidores e ta disendo not busy e quando vo criar personagem fala q n posso naquele servidor