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  • Hey, your forum name is insanely familiar from dbocom / TW. Is it possible that we know each other?

    • I used to be a moderator there.
      My IGNs were: nikolassj, MikaMika (then I sold it to a good person) and Myosai (the most popular one, people should remember me by it)

      Guilds I used to be part of: Merciless, Legion, Red Guild, Dragonball and a few dozen of others which I don't remember anymore sadly

      Maybe we, do, who are you?

    • I used to be in dragonball and red guild.
      Name was RoliVagyokOo then i made a fighter.

      I think i used to ask you for tips when i was a beginner.

    • I remember you now. Roli.... I remember you fighter, it's blurry but I remember you.
      Possible, yeah and I sure am glad to see people from TW here and people remembering me, it's an honor~

      And I'm sure sorry to see you go (since you're selling your items)

  • hey man remember me, u made me this profile icon for our guild